Aysen Region, Chile

Located in the Chilean Patagonia, Aysen Region is Chile’s pristine destination meant for a memorable getaway. Nestled on the southern side of the country, Aysen Region is the least populated region of Chile and is considered the most beautiful among discerning travelers. With the region’s unique history and marvelous windswept landscapes, there’s a lot in store for every visitor going to Aysen. The region’s 300 bright days of sunshine visits Aysen an extraordinary experience. Blessed with a bundle of attractions for varying interests, the region has become a favorite spot for family vacations, romantic getaways, and adventure trips.

The region was once blanketed by a vast sheet of ice and the movements of the glaciers formed majestic lakes and fjords that made the region a paradise for adventure lovers. Aisen Region houses two huge ice fields which are the remnants of the vast Patagonian ice sheet. Because of this unique feature, glacier trekking is one of the must-do activities when in Aisen.

Aisen Region boasts of innumerable awe-inspiring picturesque scenery. It is proud to have Laguna San Rafael National park, the biggest in Aisen where the entire Northern Patagonian Ice Fields is found. The San Rafael glacier is unarguably the park’s most striking feature, where blocks of ice separating from the glaciers and dropping into the lakes equates to a breath-taking scene. The unique feature of Laguna San Rafael National park made it to the prestigious list of UNESCO and named it a World Biosphere Reserve adding to the reasons why this is a sought-after destination among tourists.

Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the largest protected land in Chile where the Southern Patagonian Ice Field is found, is another treasure Aisen Region is proud of. Queulat National Park is also a famous spot due to its hanging glaciers, while Cerro Castillo National Reserve features Cerro Castillo, the highest mountain of Chile.

Coyhaique, the capital city of the Aisen Region, is a tourist-friendly destination. Apart from impressive attractions, the vibrant city plays host to extensive tourist amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. It is in Coyhaique where tourists first feel and experience Aisen as it is where the airport is located. Upon arrival, tourists can immediately have a relaxing moment in the hot springs of Puyuhuapi Spa, Chile’s best hotel and thermal spa. Enveloped by green and lush scenery, the winding-down moment in Puyuhuapi Spa adds spice to the unique experience the region gives. Aisen Region is a perfect image of wild scenery, supreme wilderness, jaw-dropping glaciers, pristine rivers and lakes, and world-renowned natural reserves. With all the exemplary features Aisen owns, this side of Chile is one of the world’s most beautiful places to be.