San Juan, Puerto Rico

Known for its historic districts, rocky peninsulas, and ancient fortresses, San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is one of the region’s most-visited destinations. Nestled in the karst zones in the Northern coastal planes, San Juan is more than just a historic district. Here, your idea of paradise comes to life as miles and miles of beaches and breathtaking natural scenery make you want to explore San Juan’s enchanting beauty. San Juan is where the tourism of Puerto Rico lies, and serving as the gateway to this awesome city is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. From there, rent-a-car services and taxis lead tourists to their destined places. For an affordable way of touring major attractions, you may take the bus, as buses have routes in and around the major areas of the city.

To sleep and stay in San Juan makes the adventure more fun. Since San Juan has a good line-up of accommodations, you will never have a hard time looking for a place to call home.  Here, the commercial areas have European-style hotels, while the Old San Juan offers Colonial-type accommodations. From 5-star hotels with luxurious amenities to modest Bed and Breakfasts that guarantee a feels-like-home ambiance, you will certainly find the kind of home that fits your taste and lifestyle.

In San Juan, the dining scene is exemplary as well. Being a major tourist spot opened the doors for international restaurants and world-famous cuisines. Every touristic district has its dining destinations to be proud of, and among the restaurant’s tourists rave about are Marmalade Restaurant and Wine Bar, Oceano, and St Germain Bistro & Café. From fresh seafood dishes to interesting Caribbean cuisine and Western all-time favorites, San Juan can be regarded as a food haven for discerning food-lovers.

San Juan, which owns the best harbors of the Caribbean, has three important districts all worthy of a visit. The Old San Juan is tagged as a historic district, as it is where most of the galleries, museums, and historic attractions are found. It is in Old San Juan where quaint shops selling genuine Puerto Rican arts and crafts are found. El Condado and Isla Verde are districts known for its upscale residential and upbeat neighborhood. These districts are famous destinations because of its beach resorts, upscale hotels, fashionable restaurants, and bustling shopping hubs.

If you do not want to miss out on any of San Juan’s attractions, it is best to join a city tour that leads to the city’s most beautiful sights. Arranged tours not just let you experience the city wonders but also allow you to explore San Juan’s well-kept treasures including El Yunque rainforest, Río Camuy Cave Park and Arecibo Observatory.

Be sure not to miss El Morro, a sixteenth-century old citadel nestled in northwestern-most point of San Juan islet that is listed in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is so much to see, feel, and experience in San Juan and you will end the adventure with the anticipation of going back to witness its majestic beauty once again.