Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

Few decades ago, Turks and Caicos is hardly noticed on the map. Now, this easily-accessed chain of islands has become a glorified destination in its own right. Turks and Caicos Islands, one of the stunning attractions in the Caribbean, is home to the world’s most beautiful, secluded beaches and colorful coral reefs. The waters bring delight to the senses, while the lands create a relaxing serenity where warm and hospitable people greet the awed tourists.

Tourists enter the enchanting chain of islands via the Providenciales International Airport or Grand Turk JAGs McCartney International Airport. Recently, many tourists enter Turks and Caicos through boat, arriving at Grand Turk terminal, as several cruise lines have added the island to their list of destinations. To cater to the throng of tourists, taxis are found everywhere, most especially in the airports and terminals. Most of the taxis do not just serve as drivers, they act as tour guides as well and are very efficient in introducing visitors to the undiscovered corners and virgin spots of the island. Some vehicles can be hired such as cars, motor scooters, or jeeps.

Because Turks and Caicos Island is such an enchanting place, visitors often come here for a long stay. The island boasts of impressive accommodations for everyone, from upscale and luxurious hotels down to home-like Bed and Breakfast. Not only these establishments offer a charming place to stay, but they also have different packages for the island’s visitors, such as diving packages, cruise packages, and touring packages.

Because Turks and Caicos have become a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, fine and elegant restaurants have sprawled on the island.  Proud of its world-class dining facilities and dishes created by high-class chefs, many tourists are gratified of the kind of experience they get in the dining scene in Providenciales and the rest of Turks and Caicos. Meanwhile, those who want to have a feel of what living in an island is truly like opt to the traditional, old-way of savoring island food: freshest catch of the day peddled by boatmen and cooked to perfection in the small local restaurants in the shoreline. With a unique blending of dining options, eating in Turks and Caicos can be one of the highlights of the island getaway.

Turks and Caicos comprises of 40 islands and cays, in which only 8 are inhabited. Each of the islands has its character and appeal that suits thrill-seekers and nature lovers. Providenciales is the most famous among the islands as it is where most of the tourist-friendly establishments are found like hotels, restaurants, and shops, apart from awe-inspiring attractions and unbeaten island activities.

For Bermudian architecture and Caribbean history, the Grand Turk and Salt Cay are the places to be. When it comes to serenity and relaxation, the lush greens and woodlands of Middle and North Caicos do not disappoint, while secluded beaches and breath-taking views of the turquoise sea is what South Caicos is known for. When going to Turk’s and Caicos, to experience each of the islands is the only authentic way to feel its wonders and to embrace its majestic beauty.