Sanibel Island, Florida

Just near Forty Myers, Sanibel Island is a popular destination for its luxurious resorts, extremely lovely sunset, and an unspoiled wildlife. Due to the many visitors coming to Sanibel Island, this place has become one of the prides of the US state of Florida and a favorite tourist destination of the nation.

Many families and nature-lovers go to Sanibel Island for a quiet and laid-back holiday. The primary attractions of Sanibel are its natural scenery and wildlife, where birds, seashells, and beaches play the lead role. The island has a changing yet mild climate which makes exploring nature very possible all year through. The months when most visitors visit Sanibel are January to April, the times when the climate is at its mildest. When summer comes, the many beaches of Sanibel Island become effective in managing the heat of the scorching sun.

The beaches of Sanibel are the primary reason why visitors are excited to get into the island. Here, fine sands, clear blue waters, swaying coconut palms, and colorful seashells are the main attractions of the beaches that make it one of the best beaches in the world. To be in Sanibel beaches is like having a holiday in a tropical paradise where collecting shells, sunbathing, and swimming becomes one’s favorite pastime.

Visitors coming from the nearby cities get in Sanibel Island by car via the Sanibel Causeway. Those who travel by air enter the premises of the island via Southwest Florida International Airport. Because of the growing number of visitors entering and staying in the island, a variety of accommodations has sprawled in Sanibel. There are beach hotels such as Waterside Inn, resort-type hotels like Tortuga Beach Club Resort, and apartments like Kings Crown. With different kinds of accommodations, all it takes is to choose which fits one’s preference and budget.

When it comes to the dining scene, Sanibel’s effort to preserve the island’s appeal by limiting fast food chains makes the island’s dining destination unique. Here, local cuisine offering the best and the freshest produce is given the chance to shine. Cheeseburger-Cheeseburger is a restaurant famous for its “20-ounce monster,” while The Lazy Flamingo is best known for its pork ribs and Teri Hot Wings. For lovers who deserve a romantic ambiance, The Mad Hatter is the best dining place to be, while The Island Cow is where the cravings for casual and all-time American favorites are served.

To choose Sanibel Island for spending a holiday is the best decision a traveler could ever have. With extensive attractions and unlimited activities the island offers, visiting Sanibel Island can be the best island experience one could ever have.