Cozumel, Mexico

The Caribbean Island of Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island. Amidst its astounding beauty sit restaurants and world-class accommodations that instantly make this island a popular tourist destination. The island has boundless opportunities for everyone, especially for diving enthusiasts and nature lovers.  For a relaxing getaway with a rewarding experience, Cozumel of Mexico is the perfect destination.

 Tourists enter Cozumel either through its international airport or through Cancun International Airport. Cancun has more flights that is why most visitors prefer that airport. From there, the tourists will be taken to Plaza del Carmen for a ferry ride going to Cozumel.  A lot of cruise ships also visit the island and dock in the downtown. Getting around is pretty much easy as some taxis and cars can be hired when touring the island of Cozumel.

The top attraction of Cozumel is its majestic white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. The incredible scenery under the water makes Cozumel a famous destination when it comes to diving and snorkeling. Here, the marine life is vast that it would take almost a month to fully discover and explore the colorful reefs and everything that comprises the beauty of the sea. Because the waters, sands, and the reefs are the superstars in Cozumel, beach lounging, sail and snorkel excursions, glass-bottom boat tour, and mini-submarine tour are only a few of the activities carried out in the island.

San Miguel, Cozumel’s downtown, has a contrasting appeal of old-fashioned Mexico and modern-life amenities. It is in and around San Miguel where most of the dining places and top-class accommodations are found.  The main stretch named Avenida Rafael Melgar is heaven for shoppers as it is lined-up with jewelry shops, souvenir shops, and department stores.

What makes the travel to Cozumel more exciting is savoring its local culinary. Mexico may be known for tacos and burritos, but it becomes different here in the side of Cozumel. In the island, what’s in-demand is the freshest catch of the day. The downtown San Miguel is the best choice when looking for a place to dine, but take note that there are also unique and exemplary dining places hidden in some corners of the island. Casa Mission, Guido’s, Kondesa Restaurant, and Kinta Mexican Bistro are some of the restaurants that are highly-praised by tourists.

Because tourists cannot get enough of Cozumel’s splendor, it is very common that they stay here for several days. Finding a place to stay is easy, most especially in San Miguel where there is a high-concentration of modest to world-class hotels.

Among the B&B’s, Baldwin’s Guest House and Villa Escondida are among the popular to tourists, while when it comes to accommodations with luxurious treats and high-end amenities, Presidente Inter-Continental Resort and Spa and Cozumel Palace top the list. With a good number of places to stay-in, all it takes is to choose what best fits one’s lifestyle and preference.