Savannah, Georgia

Georgia must be proud to have Savannah as its oldest city that perfectly defines its culture, heritage, and tradition. It has a perfect blending of history and urbanity, sophisticated lifestyle and low-key living, upscale malls and quaint antique shops, and more contrasting yet harmonious attributes. Despite the surge in development, commercialism, and modernization, Savannah was able to keep its ancient architecture intact and its lush landscapes well-preserved.  With all its impressive features and captivating elements, Savannah can be easily described as one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Savannah/Hilton Head Island International Airport serves as the main gateway for visitors entering Savannah. From there, there are public vehicles and rent-a-car services that drive them to their chosen destination. To fully experience Savannah’s relevant past, riding a horse-driven carriage in touring the historic town is an excellent choice. And to make sure that all destinations and attractions will be seen, joining a private group tour is the perfect option.

Savannah has a climate that makes outdoor activities and thrilling recreation achievable all year through. Live music in the park, food festivals, local organic and farm market, and art exhibits are only some of the events residents of Savannah look forward to. Savannah festivals and cultural events entice tourists to see the town’s colorful heritage and diverse lifestyle. The heart of Savannah is its Historic District, a town that is considered one of the most beautiful not just in America but in the world. It is named as the Largest National Historic Landmark District courtesy of its large number of museums, old houses, churches, forts, and monuments. Among the historic structures that have been well-kept over the years are the Pink House, the Owens-Thomas House, the Fort Jackson, and the Fort Pulaski National Monument.

City Market, also in the Historic District, is another pride of Savannah. This area is where entertainment, shopping, and dining happen, quickly making City Market a favorite tourist spot as well. The River Street is another well-known Savannah attraction where its cobblestone streets are lined-up by touristy-establishments such as fashionable shopping malls and fine choices of restaurants.  River Street is the perfect spot for viewing the majestic Savannah River and watching the ships from all points of the world stop in the busy ports of the region.

It is to fall in love with Savannah, no doubt why tourists prefer to stay here quite long. Here, there great options for hotels and places to stay to complete the pleasant getaway. Hampton Inn Savannah, Planters Inn on Reynolds Square, and Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa are few of the upscale hotels that cater to visitors who want to enjoy high-class amenities.

If there is a budget to follow, decent inns and home-like B&B’s such as Hamilton-Turner Inn and Eliza Thompson House are the perfect choice. There is nothing more gratifying than spending quality time with the family or having a romantic and intimate getaway with a loved one in Savannah. With all the features that make the holiday unbeatable, every visitor leaves Savannah with a memory worth cherishing for a long time.