Lamu Island, Kenya

Kenya’s far north coast is beautifully defined by strings of Indian Ocean Islands, one of which is the Lamu Island. The island gained the world’s attention and being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it cannot be denied that Lamu Island is such an impressive destination. Stunning beaches, outdoor activities, and warm locals lead the island to be the most visited among Kenya’s attractions.

Lamu Island exudes a laid-back atmosphere which makes it an ideal destination for escaping the demands of the urban setting. Lamu island, where laptops and smartphones are not common, is the best choice for a relaxing and gratifying getaway.  It is easy to notice how tranquil and peaceful Lamu Island is, and the serenity is punctuated with the braying of donkeys or the mosque’s calls for worship and prayer.

Getting around Lamu Island is a breeze. There is no hassle when hopping from one place of interest to another as all attractions are just stone’s throw away. The climate is impeccable and the cool wind makes the tour pleasurable. Bus may be the easiest and simplest mode of transportation here, but to immerse on the old and traditional Lamu life, riding a donkey is best done for sight-seeing.

One of the main attractions of Lamu Island is Shela Beach. The location of the beach alone is an inviting feature: just a mile walk from the busy Lamu town were admiring the surroundings and receiving the local’s warm smiles feel just right. Shela beach is an absolute delight where white sands, finely broken seashells, clear water, and local vendors selling homemade samosas collectively highlight the getaway. Touring the archipelago through a dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel, is an activity to look forward to in the Lamu Island holiday. A dhow trip that sails to Manda Island, Takwa Ruins, and Kiwayu is unarguably the most fulfilling experience one could ever have in the island of Lamu.

To live on an island is to eat the freshest of seafood in the company of splashing waters, sea breeze, and romantic sunset. The seafront restaurants in Lamu, despite aplenty and famous, still have the most reasonable price. Seafront Cafe, for instance, is famous in the seafront dining scene and both locals and tourists are amazed at its delectable dishes at affordable prices. After all the munching is done, settle quite a little, wait for the sun to go down, and experience how nightlife is in Lamu. Pubs and bars here may be subtle but are good enough to cap the day. Petes is the most favorite among tourists, and for a more upscale type, there is the bar of the Lamu Palace Hotel.

Tourists have a range of choices when it comes to accommodations, thanks to the guesthouses and hotels that are found in all corners of Lamu. The stretch of Shela has fine accommodations in the likes of the Peponi Hotel, and there are also elegant private villas at the side of Kizingoni Beach. Whether it is budgeted yet decent stay or luxurious and classy amenities, looking for a home over the holiday is no hassle.