Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, nestled in the north-west part of the major islands of Hawaii, is the region’s oldest island. Best known for its lush greens, vibrant blossoming flowers, and tropical attributes, there is no wondering why Kauai is tagged as Hawaii’s Garden Island. Some parts of Kauai are only accessible by air or sea, which tickles one’s imagination of what is in store on the island.

Being the oldest of all the islands of Hawaii, it gave Kauai ample time to grow and bloom into a stunning and dramatic island that it is today. Being six million years old, it cannot be denied that the island suffered from erosion and other challenges. But, instead of dying, it even resulted in many new natural wonders that add to the list of attractions Kauai boasts of.

Due to its stunning surroundings and remarkable natural treasures, Kauai has made it as one of the most-toured islands of Hawaii. People get-in via the Lihue Airport, and from there, some taxis bring tourists to their respective destinations. When getting around, riding the bus is one of the best options especially that it charges affordable rates, however, it does not have a route on the island’s secluded attractions. Touring all the corners of Kauai, the most efficient way is still to rent a private car or to join a group tour.

One of the top reasons why millions of tourists head to Kauai is to experience its splendid beaches. On the south shore of Kauai, there sits one of America’s best beaches, Poipu Beach. Apart from its clear waters and fine sands, Poipu is where tourists get the best views of humpback whales, the unusually large honu or green sea turtles, and Hawaiian monk seals. Next to the beaches, the Wailua River and other rivers in Kauai are popular for its easy navigation which makes kayaking and boating a common activity in the region.

There is more to Kauai than its majestic waters, and discovering other outdoor adventures adds thrill to the island getaway. The region has a wealth of hiking and biking trails, like the ones found in the Waimea Canyon area which also gives a glimpse of the breath-taking Na Pali cliffs. Even the quaint and quiet towns of Kauai are worth seeing. The town of Hanalei on the north paves the way for a nostalgic walk, while the town of Kapa’a on the east side is a tiny yet tourist-friendly town where shops, galleries, cafes, and restaurants are found.

Because experiencing all the wonders of Kauai is impossible to carry-out in just one day, to stay and sleep here is the best way to go. The region offers a wide array of accommodation ranging from luxurious and upscale hotels, laid-back courtyards, home-like bed and breakfasts, and affordable inns. Accommodations are evenly spread in the different tourist spots of Kauai, and all it takes is to choose which one fits the budget and lifestyle. When planning an island getaway, highly consider Hawaii’s oldest, yet magical island. Kauai Island has everything one looks for in a gratifying holiday, and all visitors leave its premises with moments that they will forever cherish.