Curacao, Caribbean

Curacao Island, one of the majestic islands in the Caribbean, holds too many titles that best describe how beautiful this island is. Among its titles include “The top 5 cities in the Caribbean,” “Favorite Caribbean destination,” and “Caribbean honeymoon hot spot”. With majestic beaches, gentle winds, rich heritage, and captivating sights, it is not hard to understand why Curacao has become in-demand for travelers and adventure-seekers all over the world.

If you are traveling to Curacao, Halo International Airport, near the island’s capital Willemstad, will be your first stop. You may enter Curacao through cruise ships as well, arriving at Curacao Cruise Terminal or the Curacao Mega Pier. From the airport and terminal, you can hire a taxi or can arrange a rent-a-car service for getting around the island. For an affordable and traditional way of touring, there are buses catered by BUS and Konvoi that have routes anywhere on the island. For hopping from one island to the next, riding the ferries can be your best option.

Since becoming a major tourist attraction, hotels and accommodations have sprawled in every corner of Curacao. With a wide range of hotels to choose from, you will never have a hard time deciding which of the hotels will serve as your home on the island. From affordable and laid-back BijBlauw to the expensive and luxurious Baoase Luxury Resort, there is something that will fit your preference and lifestyle. In Curacao, the dining options are wide and extensive as well. Thanks to a variety of cultural influences, the local foods of Curacao range from dishes like bitter Ballen, a Dutch-inspired spicy meatball, to Asian dishes such as sushi and maki. In Curacao, eating-out is an adventure in itself and its upbeat dining scene is capable of satisfying your discriminating taste.

Thanks to the island’s captivating features and breath-taking elements, Curacao has become one of the Caribbean’s most exceptional islands. The beaches here will leave you in awe, not to mention that it sets the kind of mood perfect for relaxation and slowing things down. Divers hailed Curacao as the best spot for snorkeling and scuba diving due to colorful corals underneath its turquoise waters.

Curacao also boasts of lush green spaces, while its country-side exposes highly-preserved dollhouse-like plantation homes. if you are done with exploring the natural wonders of Curacaos, it is time to witness other interesting assets the island owns, such as the commercial and historic sites, vineyards and wineries, and quaint shops and old markets. With an endless list of happenings that can be carried out in its lands and beaches, embracing what Curacaos offers will make your island holiday worth remembering.