Capri, Italy

Capri, nestled in the Campania region of the country Italy, has been serving as a majestic coastal resort since time immemorial. Sitting in Naples Province, Capri is the island’s main center where two prominent harbors, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, are found. Capri is the “isle of the sirens” in Greek Mythology, a favored resort of the Roman Emperors, and is world-famous due to breath-taking destinations that endlessly attract visitors all over the globe.

The mild climate of Capri makes it perfect for touring the island day and night. Being a Mediterranean island paves a way to boundless opportunities, may it be a relaxing nature-tripping or a bouncing recreational activity. Traditions and festivals make Capri even more colorful and exciting, as the island comes to life through cultural activities, night concerts, food, and booze. Surely in Capri, there is a bundle of must-see and must-do that visitors should not dare miss. Capri is made of limestone rock, making the landscape of this part of Italy such a remarkable sight. The Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, is arguably Capri’s most famous attraction. The sunlight peers through this sea cave on Capri’s south coast, allowing the rays to shine through the seawater creating a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

Piazza is Capri’s center where the bustle and hustle happen courtesy of the shops and establishments erected in every turn. A smaller version, the Piazzetta, may have a modest size, but is considered the most fashionable square in the world.  Anacapri, tagged as “the other Capri” is the island’s quiet and tranquil corner ideal for laid-back tripping and relaxed tour. Anacapri’s pride, Villa San Michele, is such a wonderful discovery, where its gardens exhibit a panoramic view of Capri’s landscape, Mount Vesuvius, and the Sorrentine Peninsula.  Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, apart from being the island’s principal ports, are home to the biggest golden beaches of clear water and fine sand.

Some restaurants found in the Piazza, though overly expensive, are a hit to tourists because of the impressive fusion of authentic Italian dishes and international cuisine. Da Tonino, Lo Zodiaco, and Ristorante Il Geranio are few examples of fashionable restaurants in Capri. Il Gelato al Limone and Buonocore Gelateria have the yummiest gelato, the famous cold and creamy treat that originated in Italy. A complete Capri tour is impossible to happen in a single day. Hotels, B&Bs, inns, and specialty lodging are aplenty in the center and small towns of Capri, all geared-up to render a fine and memorable Capri stay. Whether it is a five-star accommodation like Hotel Caesar Augustus loaded with luxurious treat and top-class amenities, or a B&B like Aiano Bed and Breakfast that grants a home-away-from-home feel, the accommodations in Capri is a feature to look forward to in a vacation.

Entering Capri is usually done by boat, reached from the port of Ischia or Forio, and docked at Marina Grande. For those with a budget to spare, coming-in through a water taxi, that also offer boat tours, is the most fashionable thing. The island has buses that have regular routes to various tourist spots, but for families or groups, renting a car or taxi is an excellent option. Capri is compact and dry, so sight-seeing by foot is ideal. And for a more thrilling tour, a ride to the mountain tram that connects the harbor to the hills is the way to go.