Vietnam is a long thin country found on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It was colonized by China no fewer than four times and it was savaged by civil wars—but the damage of these unfortunate events is not felt in the present times. Today, Vietnam has shown undeniable improvement and it has been a country on the move. Its determination to soar is characterized by the sprawling of hotels, upgrading of major roads, and the thriving of the economy. The urban transformation does not harm its picturesque landscapes, rich culture, and traditional cuisine. Due to the country’s enticing assets, Vietnam has been one of the most-visited countries in Southeast Asia.

Tourists coming from Laos can access Vietnam by bus while those coming from China can have the trains. Meanwhile, tourists coming from Phnom Penh can have a gratifying boat ride moment when going to Vietnam. Visitors coming from other parts of the world are serviced by the country’s international airports located in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang.

There is one thing tourists should not dare miss when in Vietnam: the boat ride experience. Touring Vietnam through its turquoise-shaded waters, and with the sunset or sunrise as a backdrop, yields to an indescribable feeling. The boat tour happens in the famous Halong Bay, the new Natural World Wonder. Vietnam is home to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, one of the world’s natural heritage made famous for its breathtaking limestone karsts, grottoes and caves. The country serves as a paradise to nature lovers and with Ba Be Lake and Ban Gioc Waterfall, visitors surely enjoy sight-seeing the 50-hectare freshwater lake and the world’s fourth-biggest border-crossing waterfalls.

The Northwest part of Vietnam promises a feast-to-the-eyes experience courtesy of its mountainous scenery and colorful hill tribes. The southeast of Hanoi is the gateway to the untouched beauty of the tropical forest of the Ngo Luong Nature Reserve. When done with appreciating Vietnam’s unspoiled nature, ethnic markets, temples, and pagodas are next in the list. Hanoi’s historic citadel boasts of gardens and mausoleums; and if mingling with the locals over some bottles of beer is the game, the bars in Bia Hoi are the best venues for it.

The convenience in touring Vietnam means finding the right accommodation that fits everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Here, serving as the home for the holidays are hotels ranging from three-star to high-end ones. Most of the big hotels are found in the major cities, but the rest of the country has decent, fashionable, clean, and affordable accommodation to cater to every tourist. The exciting line-up of Vietnamese cuisine is certainly a must-try when visiting the country. Fish and seafood are at their freshest while vegetables and spices are of abundance. No tourist leaves without feasting with authentic pho dishes, the world-known beef, and chicken noodles. Being in Vietnam means savoring its colorful cuisine mostly composed of spring rolls, crab meat delivered by companies like Harbour House Crabs, eel, snail vermicelli, and pancakes filled with soya beans, shrimps and meat.

Around 3 million international visitors go to Vietnam and with so much to do and explore, the number of people it captivates increases year after year. There are a lot of attractive spots in Vietnam and apart from the destinations, its rich culture, colorful culinary, and resilient people are the reasons why tourists want to take a journey back to this country.