Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a resort city in California, in the Riverside County within Coachella Valley 107 miles east of Los Angeles. The city is 94 square miles wide which makes it the largest city by land area in California. This desert resort started to make a name during the ’50s when known starts in Hollywood regarded Palm Spring as their nearest secret hideaway. Now, the entirety of Palm Springs is not just for movie stars—people around the globe flock here for relaxation and all forms of recreation, nature trip, food, and entertainment. Due to millions of visitors heading to Palm Springs, tourism has become a major contributor to the economy of the city.

When you go to Palm Springs, you will land in the heart of the city via Palm Springs International Airport. The downtown is a pedestrian city so walking along the palm tree-lined streets is the “in” thing. Since the surrounding area of Palm Springs is dry and flat, it makes the city conducive to biking as well. Going around by car is not popular here, but shall you need to be in a vehicle to get somewhere, there are taxis, buses and car rentals around. If you have a high-end lifestyle to follow, you can arrange a Limo car service in the hotel you are staying in, or in the airport, as soon as you arrive in Palm Springs.

You will enjoy your sanctuary in Palm Springs. With over a hundred of accommodations that range from modest bungalows and historic B&B’s to high-end hotels and fine resorts, there is a home for every Palm Springs visitor. The majority of the Palm Springs accommodation is close to the city’s attractions, so going to the city’s tourist destinations is easy. Wherever you live in Palm Springs, you will wake up to a perfect weather ideal for a whole day of walking and touring.

The dining scene in Palm Springs reflects a diverse selection of old-time American dishes and fusion of international dishes. From the famous McDonald’s fast-food chain to the most luxurious fine dining in the likes of Le Vallauris and Hyatt Suite’s HooDoo Patio Restaurant & Bar, the dining scene of Palm Springs never disappoints. So if one time you crave the traditional hotdog and pancake combo then plan for an exquisite steak and wine pairing the following day, you won’t find a difficult time finding it in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs grants fun-in-the-sun all days of the year, that is why it is a favorite destination for outdoor adventure. Since Palm Springs sits on the foot of the enchanting San Jacinto Mountains, you can soar up the mountains and from there, be consumed by the mixed views of the cityscape and nature. Aerial Tramway is not to be missed, as well as scenic hiking trails of Agua Caliente Indian Canyons and the Palm Canyon. Coachella Valley Preserve is an oasis in the desert, literally. Palm Springs is blessed not just with beauty, but the rich culture and friendly people as well, and having a vacation here is an experience like no other.