Out Islands, Bahamas

One of the most famous islands that make up the Bahamas is the Out Islands. Traditionally referred to as the Family Islands by the locals, the low-in-population island is boasting of nature’s wonders which made way for the country’s tourism to soar. Here, quiet island life, endless serene beaches, tropical beauty, captivating climate, and receptive and warm locals are to be seen and felt. If you are dream to be away from the noise of the city and live in a nature-filled, slow-paced kind of destination, Out Islands is definitely for you.

The Out Islands weather is very ideal for air travel. The clear sky is perfect for private airplanes heading to Out Islands exotic destinations. In every Bahamas destination, there are airports to service tourists and visitors, but most of them prefer the Great Exuma’s International Airport. Fishing macks remain to be the most traditional way of viewing the spots of Out of Islands, but other means of transportation are introduced to cater to the different needs of the tourists. Taxis do not just permit you to conveniently tour Out Islands, you get a glimpse of the island’s history as well courtesy of the driver cum tourist guide. If you want to enjoy the tour at your own pace and privacy, then rent a car and proceed to any Out Island destinations that you wish to see. And of course, island hopping is made possible by boats, the ones that bring out the genuine Out Islands character.

Out Islands offers a diverse line-up of accommodation as inspired by the varying taste and needs of the tourists. Those clinging to a certain budget choose the best-valued type of accommodations and the ones that have a high-end lifestyle choose none other than luxurious, fashionable hotels. Whether it is simple accommodation in Little Arches in Harbour Islands or high-end living in Tiamo Resort in Andros, Out Islands’ accommodations offer you a home away from home.

Nothing beats the seafood dishes of Out Islands for obvious reasons: freshest catch from the sea day in, day out. More than just a seafood haven, the eclectic line-up of Out Islands restaurants impresses every diner’s discriminating taste. From Caribbean dishes to Chinese food, from the fancy, The Bistro Restaurant at Sky Beach Club to the quaint beachside Chat ‘N’ Chill Restaurant, the dining scene in Out Islands is always lively and upbeat.

Out of Islands is known to have the most stunning and secluded beaches in the world like the Pink Sands Beaches, but this side of Bahamas has more to offer than its fine sands and clear waters. While there, you can snorkel and explore the cave of Thunderball Grotto and learn why this has become a favorite of James Bond film; soak in the natural baths carved in corals in Queen Bath; swim and be one with the stingrays in the Sting Ray Adventure, and simply adore every corner of Out Islands and be consumed in its incredible beauty. Since the loveliness of the Out Islands is worthy to be shared, bring your loved ones when you go there.