Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the largest city and the capital of Massachusetts in the United States. Boston serves as an anchor of a larger metropolitan area, the Greater Boston. One of the oldest cities of the US, Boston was able to witness significant happenings in history such as the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston. Some of the United State’s firsts materialized here, like the country’s first public school and the subway. Boston is not just known for its many colleges and universities—its line-up of historical sights, museums, and entertainment attracts almost 16 million of tourists year in, year out, the reason why it becomes one of the ten most visited cities in the US.

The main gateway to Boston is the Boston Logan International Airport where international visitors land at Terminal E. From the airport, tourists are transferred to their Boston destination either by taxi, airporter, or Limos. Going around Boston needs familiarity that is why tourist guides are very useful in the Boston trip. Oftentimes, the driver of the Limo rental service doubles as a tourist guide. The public transit in Boston can take tourists everywhere which makes the trip convenient. Bus, commuter rail, taxi, and water shuttle lead visitors to Boston’s attractions.

With so much to see and do in Boston, no visitor wants to leave this vibrant city right away. To live in Boston for “just a while” adds color to the Boston trip, and finding a place to stay here is never a problem. High-end hotels offering five-star amenities give out a luxurious treat, whilst the Bed and Breakfasts exude the feel-at-home atmosphere. From the city center up to the winding alleys of the neighborhoods, the wide selection of accommodation meets every tourist’s taste, preference and lifestyle.

With the city’s rich number of eateries and restaurants, eating in Boston becomes a gratifying encounter. The combination of ethnic dishes, eclectic concoctions, all-time favorites, and international cuisine makes every tourist linger in Boston’s dining scene.  Seafood is at its freshest, thanks to the easily-accessed New England coast. Most of the fine restaurants, such as Giacomo’s Restaurant and Panza, are in the stretch of the commercialized Hanover Street. Not to mention that Boston’s nightlife is kicking, and the streets of Harvard Ave., Boylston and Landsdowne give venue to bars and drinking joints.

Boston’s rich history is made known through its museums and galleries, as well as open-spaces such as the Freedom Trail. For appreciating nature, there is Spectacle Island, Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, and The Fens. Tourists are also encouraged to witness and partake in Boston’s festivals and holidays like First Night, Boston’s New Year celebration, and the locals’ most-awaited event called Boston Pride. Traveling is not complete without shopping and strolling in Back Bay and Downtown Crossing, where most of the shops are located, fulfills the day of shopping enthusiasts. The many facets of Boston reflect how its past meets the present, how its tradition complements modernity. There is so much to learn, explore and discover in Boston, and visitors go home with the anticipation of meeting Boston again shortly.