Puerto Rico

The splendid green paradise, sunny climate and sandy beaches neighboring the surrounding green waters of the Caribbean, makes an attractive welcome into this popular island of Puerto Rico. This island country is located in the Central American region, alongside other Mexican-like regions. Puerto Rico’s fashion-identity that includes Rican sisal hats, colorful-sway dresses, and impressive unity of the people, completes the mark of the Puerto Rican society. Puerto Rico has a republican government, but its laws are subject to the United States’ constitution thanks to its membership in the United States commonwealth group of countries. This explains the resemblance of Puerto Rico’s flag to the USA flag.

Traveling to Puerto Rico is easy if you are from the US and are holding your driving license. Those from other states need to meet the same entry regulations found in the US. Luis Munoz Marin Airport is the major entry point into Puerto Rico, located in Carolina – a few kilometers from the capital city, San Juan.

There are also ferries from neighboring Dominican Republic’s ports of Santo Domingo and Mayaguez. From the entry points, it is advisable to rent a car, share a cab, or use a tourist taxi service, in case you are not moving around the capital city. It is rare to find public transport for convenient access to various locations of the country. The taxis have the ‘Taxi Turistico’ mark on their front doors. If renting a car is your option to have private experience along with your tour ride, there are rental cars at the airport and major hotels – they charge 28 US Dollars per day.

The beauty of being a tourist in Puerto Rio is that there are many attraction sites to visit and lovely culture to indulge in and enjoy. Let’s say, start with getting yourself the traditional Rican sisal hat. Places you can visit for adventure in nature are the dry coastal forest of El Yunque, the historic buildings in San Juan, the wildlife of neighboring Mona Island,  an hour guide around Rio Camuy Caverns, and the third most huge underground river worldwide whose large sinkhole is next to the cave. A boat ride at the waters of Puerto Rico’s bays at night is a memorable opportunity to see the glitters of the sea brought about by glowing micro-organisms living in the waters.

For gamble experience, step into the luxurious casinos of San Juan. There are other well-up restaurants to taste the Puerto Rican delicacies. High-quality fast food joints: McDonald’s and Porto Tropical, dominate the city with their delicious, tasty chicken fries and Puerto Rican plantain staple foods. With a sufficient tour budget, you can sort yourself with remarkable accommodation services from many-star hotel chains namely. The budget-saving approach can require hostels where you have to get used to self-service such as cooking your meals.

Puerto Rico’s capital city of San Juan is globally known for its stubborn crime rate. Many precautions have to be taken when traveling around the city. Keep away from slum areas, especially during the dark hours, and ensure that the resort you are to spend your night has adequate security. Last but not least; never leave valuables in your car because it can be broken in. Secondly, ensure you maintain good healthy means of survival: such as drinking treated bottled water, to avoid falling sick then facing the tragedy of waiting long hours in the medical centers. Thirdly, avoid taking photos of people without their permission; locals consider it a violation of their privacy.