Cocos Island

Cocos Islands or Territory of Cocos or the Keeling islands refer to a group of islands located on the Indian Ocean in the middle and borders Christmas Island and Perth. The territory comprises two islands that are inhabited and these are the Home Island and West Island. Travelers commute in the area by use of passenger ferries. Some of the islands found here are also uninhabited and majorly comprise of Horsburgh Island, South Island, and North Keeling Island which is a national park controlled by Parks Australia. Cocos Islands experience a humid tropical climate that attracts many tourists in the area. The group comprises of 27 coral islands which were discovered in 1609 by Captain William Keeling.

Coconuts are the only crops grown throughout all the islands. The local food supply is supplemented by small fishing and local gardens but other necessities including additional food are imported from Australia. The tourist industry is quite small and is still in development. There are two major seasons in Cocos Islands which overlap one another which include the calm doldrums season and trade wind season. While the islands are quite rainy, they don’t interfere with peoples’ holiday plans as it mostly rains in the evenings and the days are gloriously sunny. The landscape comprises of low lying, flat coral atolls and thick coconut palms which cover the entire place.

Boating is a common activity in Cocos Islands and boats usually stop here as they proceed on to Mauritius. Getting around is easy by the use of the local bus services which tourists use for accessing some other remote paradises in the area. Car rental companies are also many in Cocos Islands and offer a much better way of traveling around. Culturally tours are the main order of the day for most tourists and these tours will help you understand exactly why they call it a paradise for water and nature lovers.

Throughout the year and during traditional events like New Year, Easter and Christmas, there are numerous events hosted here. One of these events is the popular annual Lagoon swim which majorly involves competitors swimming across several islands. In the evening after the events, presents are organized during dinner for boat drivers and the winners.

Many other unique events that you might be interested in during your vacation in Cocos Islands include the Cocos Ball, Music and Wine festival, quiz nights, Cocos Olympics, and the Ardmona Cup. As a visitor, you are highly encouraged to join any of these activities and festivities. Before you book a certain event, you will need to confirm with the local Tourism Association to get a confirmation of the dates. Besides, tourists are highly welcome to take part in Sports Carnival, concert events and School Fete. Make sure that you also visit the Cocos Islands Golf Club and you will be amazed by this great golf course. Shopping isn’t a major activity in Cocos Islands as such but you should consider checking the Community Resource Center for a wide range of local stuff.