Valley of the Kings , Egypt

Valley of the Kings or gates of the kings refers to an archaeological locality in Egypt located in West Bank, Luxor. It among the most remarkable and most visited world archaeological destinations. Most of the Pharaohs of Egypt are buried here. Various groups of people have been undertaking archaeological excavations within the valley. Recently, the American University of Cairo excavated the tomb of Sons of Ramesses II. Car hires to Valley of the Kings are pretty expensive and you need to negotiate seriously with the providers to get the best deal.

While you are visiting the Valley of the Kings, you will also extend your trip to Hatshepsut, Colossus, Memnon, and Medinat Habu. Tombs within the Valley of the Kings are categorized into phases. The most famous one is the Tomb of Tutankhamun and it is a must-visit site but it requires a separate entry ticket for admission. It is known as the scene for the discovery of Howard Carter’s 1922 but as you will realize, this tomb is small and has limited decoration compared to other tombs. It used to have fabulous riches but is not there anymore as they were moved to Cairo Egyptian Museum.

The first phase of Tombs is represented by the Tomb of Thutmose II which is remotely located within the valley. While it is located quite far from the entry point, you can rest assured that the climb is worth it. The tomb also has unique decorations and is represented in a pleasing, simple style which resembles the traditional Egyptian writing. Phase two tombs within the Valley of the Kings are several of them.

Tomb of Horemheb houses the remains of the last king to rule the 18th Dynasty. Then there is the Tomb of Merneptah which has remains of the Great- son of Ramesses II. However, the past flash flooding experienced in the Valley of the Kings has seriously caused a lot of destruction on the tomb. Nevertheless, those reliefs and paintings have managed to survive and are generally in good condition.

Phase three Tombs within Valley of the Kings are represented by the Tomb of Ramesses VI. This is known to be one of the best and most interesting tombs you can visit in the Valley of the Kings. It has one of the best-preserved and most complete decorative schemes that have survived in the area. When visiting the Valley of the Kings, you should keep in mind the fact that there are limited facilities available and you should be well prepared for the trip. While toilets and some shade are available, there is, however, no water or food. You need to carry packaged food and refreshments. You can also go hiking over the surrounding hills of Deir el Baharu or Deir el-Medina. Even though the hike is quite short, you will need to carry plenty amount of water especially if you are visiting during the summer season when it is very hot.