Isle of Man

Isle of Man is an Island in the Irish Sea in the British Isles. It is located between the islands of Ireland and Great Britain. It is a British Crown dependency and it is as such not a part of the UK itself even though the United Kingdom is responsible for the island’s foreign affairs and defense. The government of Isle of Man is headed by the Chief Minister. Rather than being one of the full members of the EU, Isle of Man is rather an associate member of the European Union. The main city and capital is the Isle of Man. Laxey is another hot destination and it is a delightful village between Ramsey and Douglas on the electric railway.

Laxey is well known for its famous water wheel that is believed to be the largest in operation in the world. Other key destinations in Isle of Man are the small bird sanctuary island of Calf of Man, Port St Mary and Port Erin. There are not so many attractions as such in the Isle of Man but it is still worth visiting. The TT races are perhaps the most popular even in the Isle of Man and are famous all over the world. The races are held annually every June and are very popular among motorcycling tourists. Summertime is always a great time in the Isle of Man and you can take a tram to the summit of Snaefell which is the island’s highest point.

When you are at the summit, one can see six kingdoms including England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Heaven, and Isle of Man. This is a unique experience that you definitely can’t afford to miss and you will get stunning views of the entire island alongside the water bodies which surround it. A hiking trail is also available to the summit and will take you not more than half an hour.

The restored Laxey wheel remains operational during summer months and adds more fun to the vacation. Isle of Man also has many walking/ hiking trails as well as footpaths and The Way of Gull or Raad ny Foillan is perhaps the most significant one. This hiking trail is quite spectacular and it is worth the effort and time while visiting Isle of Man and the rest parts of the island.

Isle of Man might not be a shopping heaven but offers a great experience thanks to the numerous UK chain stores with a representation on the island. Douglas is the best place to shop where there are Boots, Waterstone’s, WH Smith, Marks and Spencer, and Next. Shoprite is the local supermarket chain on Isle of Man that has almost everything that you might need. Food in Isle of Man is pretty good and you will find some great bistros and restaurants. Most of the visitors opt for chips and fish which are very common. Generally, the Isle of Man is known to be a fairly safe place and the locals are very friendly to tourists.