Cannes, France

Cannes has grown considerably from being just a small village to an expensive and promising seaside town. It is among the top social hubs in Europe where everyone from all over the world is attained to the maximum especially during the famous Cannes Film Festival. Most of its casinos, nightlife facilities and restaurants, unfortunately, do not cater for the low budget travelers and are mostly frequented by the famous and rich, celebrities and actors. The old town of Cannes is an interesting place to visit. You will particularly be amazed by the narrow winding streets that are filled with souvenir shops and restaurants. You can get excellent views from the top of castle views.

The covered market offers a spectacular experience for food eating and viewing. There is no other market in Cannes that can beat the variety and scale of foods found at this market. It is located in the western part of the rue Meynardiers which is one of the best Cote’s gourmand streets. The Palais des Festivals is located Down La Croisette and boasts of being the most popular Palais des Festivals, a place where screen stars gather to watch interesting films. You will find it pretty hard to resist posing for a photo on the stunning 22 steps that leads to the entrance. At Cannes Port, get to admire beautiful yachts of the possibly rich and famous. Real mega yachts, however, can only be seen at International Yacht Club found in Antibes.

Festival de Cannes is the most popular world film festival that takes place annually in May. This is a time to meet the biggest celebrities in the world walking on the red carpet and it is also the biggest film market in the market. Excursions and cruises are offered by local tour companies like Trans Cotes d’Azur to St Tropez, Monaco, and Ile Santé Marguerite among other top destinations.

Travel rates usually depend on fuel, port charges, environmental protection, and VAT. The Notre- Dame d’Esperance is a Provencal Gothic church featuring wood panels that date back to the 14th and 15th Centuries. You will also be fascinated by the large collection of paintings that comprise of a fresco by the famous George Roux. This church is strategically found on the Suquet hill at the top.

Tour du Masque is a well-known attraction in Cannes for literary buffs and historians. It is said that this place is haunted by ghosts of mysterious, mythical figures referred to as ‘Man in Iron Mask. Molinard is the most famous place for perfumes and you will learn about the making and manufacturing of some of the world’s top perfume brands. Columbus International in Cannes offers motorcycle rentals and guided tours.

There are highly qualified and experienced English speaking guides that can explain to you about the attractions in the area. Rivage Croisiere offers exceptional service range like pyrotechnic performances in Cannes bay and day cruises. Tailor-made tour programs are organized for individuals and corporations including seminars, birthdays, and weddings among others.