Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital city of the world’s most populous country, the People’s Republic of China. It is also the second-largest city in China after Shanghai. The city used to be the seat for both Qing and Ming dynasty emperors until China republic was formed in 1911. As you can expect, Beijing is China’s political, cultural, and education center and the city is rich in many historical sites and significant cultural and government institutions. Perhaps what makes Beijing even more popular is its unique regular construction and flatness. The limits of the city only have three hills and just like Forbidden City configuration, Beijing also has the concentric ring roads that are rectangular. In 2008, Beijing hosted the Summer Olympic Games.

Being such a big city, there are many attractions in Beijing than you might imagine. The most important landmark located at the heart of the city is Tiananmen Square and it is the largest public square in the world. This square is impressively surrounded by great buildings like the Great Hall of People, Museum of Chinese History, the Forbidden City, and Qianmen Gate. It also houses Chairman Mao Memorial Hall as well as the monument of People’s Martyrs. The Birds Nest or National Stadium symbolizes the Olympic Games held in 2008 and there are two contemporary buildings located near it; World Trade Center Tower III and CCTV Building. Other attractions in Beijing include temples, parks, and palaces where many locals flock every time they have some time to spare.

Being is home to many parks scattered all over like the Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, Chaoyang Park, Ritan Park, and the Beijing Zoo which is well known for its giant pandas and traditional landscape. Museums and galleries in Beijing are many even though they are not up to standards of those found in other cities like New York, Rome, and Paris. However, the Palace Museum/ Forbidden City is one of the most popular and largest museums in Asia.

It has been listed as a World UNESCO Heritage Site. The government of China has of late invested heavily in museum development and admission to some of these museums is even offered free of charge. Other notable museums in Beijing include the National Museum, Military Museum, Capital Museum, China Aviation Museum, Contemporary Art Scene, and others.

Participating in Beijing festivals is a memory that you will live to treasure in a lifetime. The Temple Fair is the best place to experience Chinese New year and there are many temple fairs held every spring-like in Temple of Ditan, Heaven, Beihai, Longtan Lake, Canadian ad Lotus Pool Park and others. Grand View Garden Fair also held during the spring festival features great quizzes and performances by local Chinese people. Other things to enjoy in Beijing include foot massage, cooking classes offered in hutong, Ashtanga Yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, tea tasting, and debates as well as hiking. Being such a huge city, Beijing city is full of incredibly many attractions and you should consider going for a holiday vacation here.