Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos town is situated between the Troodos Mountains and the coast of Cyprus in the southwestern region. The town is very famous among travelers and Aphrodite, the Greek goddess is believed to have been born here. Today, the town has been divided into two parts; the upper area which is the commercial hub and lower section where most tavernas, hotels, and archaeological areas of interest are located. Recently, the lower Kato Paphos area has gone through significant improvements and now features a combination of bars, restaurants, and hotels situated along the coastal strip. The newly built promenade along the coastal path and around the marina gives amazing views of Paphos and it is a perfect place to go for a stroll in the evening or morning.

Visitors can fly into Paphos through the Paphos International Airport that serves both scheduled and charter flights, even though it is quite small. Some of the top attractions in the town include the Paphos Archaeological Park that houses various attractions like House of Theseus and House of Dionysos. Both of these ruins are large Roman villas which are notably known for their unique mosaics. Tomb of the Kings in Paphos isn’t the exact place where ancient royalty was buried but it is worthy a visit. You will be amazed to see the caved out tombs where rich citizens and high officials are believed to have been buried. The large tombs are quite awesome that will make you feel jealous somehow.

The Paphos Fort is found at the end of Marina and this squat box has a very interesting history. During many historical administrations, it was used as both a prison and a fort. Turks built the current incarnation at the port in 1586 and the British were the last people to use it actively. Tala Village is a beautiful traditional village found in the high up parts of Paphos.

The population of this place has grown considerably now and you will be moved by the wide range of some beautiful restaurants and the popular Agios Neophytos Monastery found nearby. The Episkopi Environmental Center is an interesting, small old village with a famous cliff face and winding streets. The village is located along the stunning Ezouza Valley. At the environmental center, you will find a garden, displays, and films that are used for demonstrating the flora and fauna diversity of Paphos.

There are many interesting things to do in Paphos as well. Paphos Bird Park for example is a relatively large animal park that is worth a visit and is located in the northern area of Paphos. The classic Odeon is a Greek amphitheater located within the archaeological park and occasionally used for holding musical performances and plays. Then there is the impressive, nicely themed and large Aphrodite Water Park in Paphos that keeps people of all ages amused. It is among the best water parks you can ever visit and features wave machines, lazy river rides, and anything stunning you can expect to find in a great water park.