La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue is just a small island found in the Seychelles. Compared to most of the other islands in the country, La Digue boasts of ease of accessibility that makes it a top priority for most tourists visiting Seychelles. However, even though there are ample tourist facilities and a wide range of accommodation options, it still a little quieter compared to other islands like Mahe. The island is none the less very picturesque and attractive in many ways. L’ Anse Source D’ Argent is the main reason that attracts tourists to La Digue as it is an incredible experience that you would not want to miss. This beach is ranked among the top beaches in the world and it is one of the top favorites for international travelers going for a beaching vacation in the area.

As highlighted above, the ease of accessibility to La Digue makes it one of the hottest destinations in Seychelles compared to other places/ islands. Helicopter Seychelles for example conveniently serves visitors to La Digue. Cheap ferries also run daily between La Digue and port of Praslin and a round trip costs a relatively low amount. Praslin locals also provide visitors with boats for hire but you should be careful about this option as it can be rather expensive. However, it also comes with the advantage of being able to visit other islands that are less experience which of course betters your experience. Just off La Digue coast, there are several islands even though they are just a few and this includes Felicite Island, Marie Anne Island, Frigate Island, The Sisters, and Recif Island.

La Digue is relatively a small-sized island and getting around isn’t quite a hectic as such. For this reason, you won’t find extensive transportation infrastructures like the ones found in Praslin or Mahe. Taxis are the most common type of transport in La Digue and there are no companies offering car rental services. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a taxi can be extremely high as they are not many, and going to the beach can cost you quite more.

The best thing about reserving your stay at a nearby resort is that they usually arrange for ferry pick-ups making it more convenient for you. Alternatively, you can as well rent a bike and get around easily and it is the most affordable travel option. Another mode of transport in La Digue is the ox pulled cards which are used for shorter distances.

There are many interesting activities to do in La Digue and you can use your bike to make excursions around the island. Snorkeling is a common thing to do in La Digue and most tourists come here to engage in this activity. Shopping in La Digue might not be an incredible experience compared to other big cities but there are many gift shops where you can enjoy a great island. La Digue is known to have expensive antique hotels, guest houses, and hotels.