Adelaide, Australia

South Australia has its capital in the city of Adelaide. The city is characterized by a stylish architecture, sandy swimming beaches, and boutique shopping facilities, fabulous arts events, fine dining, and a vibrant nightlife. Some of the best café strips in Australia are also found here in Adelaide. The population of the city is just above 1 million people and it is among the largest cities in Australia. There are many attractions in Adelaide making the city one of the hottest destinations to visit. The Belair National Park for example has a rich history in Australia as a park for recreation and has great trails for bushwalking, grassy areas, and tennis courts.

The park is also home to the Old Government House which was the first official summer residence of Viceregal for the colony. The Cleland Conservation Park is among the largest national parks in Australia and even though it doesn’t have sports and picnic facilities, the park offers tourists a great opportunity of getting personal and close with the native Australian fauna. You can enjoy a memorable time together with kangaroos, Emus, wallabies, waterfowl, and Tasmanian Devils. Strolling through the aviaries is also an exciting activity as well as taking the Aboriginal cultural tour. Morialta Conservation Park has many walking trails and three famous waterfalls. You can enjoy panoramic views of the city itself and you can go for rock climbing which is also a very famous activity here as well.

Churches are also a key aspect of attractions in Adelaide and fact, locals refer to Adelaide as the City of Churches. However, others say that the number of pubs in Adelaide is more than the churches. Nevertheless, some of these churches are interesting places to visit like the Holy Trinity Church which was the first Anglican Church in South Australia with a history dating back to 1848.

Other churches of interest in Adelaide include St Peter’s Cathedral, St Patrick’s Church, and St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Museums and galleries in Adelaide are many than you might imagine. The Adelaide Zoo for example is the only place where you can see the giant pandas in Australia. The migration museum is the best place for learning about migrants and the heritage of South Australia.

Other museums in Adelaide worthy a visit include the Art Gallery of South Australia, South Australian Museum, Port Adelaide Lighthouse, Gawler Museum, National Motor Museum, and South Australian Maritime Museum. Shopping in Adelaide is something that you should not miss especially in Glenelg where some of Australia’s greatest shops are located.

There are very many volleyball competitions that make the area incredibly popular among both the old and rich. Rundle Mall is a shopping strip for pedestrians only and you will be fascinated by the many side streets and arcades on it. If you want to buy food, the best places to go shopping are The Central Market, Chinatown, and City East IGA where there fine food stores.