Sorrento, Italy

Located in Campania, Italy, Sorrento is a town that features many restaurants and cafes and a very beautiful architecture. Since it is situated along the Circumvesuviana rail system, Sorrento is reached easily from Nepal, making it an ideal stopover for tourists visiting Ercolano and Pompeii. There are also regular buses that ferry visitors from Nepal airport to Sorrento. Getting around this beautiful town can be done by walking especially when you are not in a great hurry or you can as well opt for local buses and taxis. Lift services are also available for taking travelers between town and harbor area and to the beach.

orrento is a relatively popular destination for tourists and there are quite a handful of good attractions to see and interesting places to visit. Most visitors will start at the Lemon terraces and then proceed on to the small pretty port of Marina Piccola. Punta Campanella natural reserve is yet another attraction as well as the Roman ruins of Villa Pollio in the Capo de Sorrento.

The famous Hotel Tramontano is where the well known Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian write lived when he was wringing Ghosts in 1881 and Peer Gynt in 1867. The Museo Correale de Terranova is a picture gallery in Sorrento and worthy of a visit. Museo Bottega della Tasia Lignea houses a large collection of the best local arts and the archeological museum of Sorrento Peninsula has a collection of attractions as well. Other key attractions in Sorrento include Duomo, St. Francis Monastery and Basilica de Sant’ Antonio.

Most tourists in Sorrento opt to hire a charter boat to go for a trip along Sorrento coast and Capri or even some other emerging tourist destinations in the area like Ischia Island. If you are just feeling like wasting your day off lazing at the beach, these trips are highly recommended for you and you can as well catch a water taxi to explore the beach.

Some regular ferries take tourists to nearby Capri Island for day trips. Once you reach the island, you can even hire a boat to go for sightseeing circumnavigation at the beaches. Swimming at Marina Grande is an incredibly great activity that you definitely shouldn’t miss. Sun baking areas that feature large wooden decks are also available and are a great way to relax in style.

For the enthusiast bike riders, bike rental companies are many in Sorrento and cycling is a great way to explore the town. Shopping in Sorrento is an exciting activity to engage in even though the town isn’t as large as such. Limoncello area for example has many souvenirs. There is a Limoncello and wine shop at L’ Alambicco historical center where you will even be offered free limoncello tasting.

There is also a fashion and leather shop in Sorrento as well. If you are looking for beautiful inlaid wood products, you will find them at Notturno Intarsio and shop for tables, pictures, tea carts and music boxes. This area is home to the region’s best woodworkers.