Maasai Mara, Kenya

Masai Mara is a National Reserve located in the southwestern parts of Kenya.  Administered by the local county council, Masai Mara belongs to the famous Maasai people and it is one of the most visited national reserves in Africa, largely because of the popular annual wildebeest migration. The reserve hosts thousands of local and international tourists per year. The major attractions here are the different birdlife and wildlife species. It is one of the reserves that have a large number of predators like Cheetah and lions. The world-famous wildebeest migration is a spectacular event comprises of over 2 million wildebeests crossing the Mara River from Tanzania to Kenya.

The Mara Triangle is the reserve’s well-maintained secret and it is managed by Mara Conservancy. Masai Mara has numerous camps and lodging facilities. It is the best place you can go for game viewing in Eastern Africa. The Masai Mara landscape features small bushes and sandy soil, Siria Escarpment and lush woodlands and grasslands. This kind of landscape creates an awesomely good romantic feeling which you can witness in ‘Out of Africa’ film.

Visit to Masai Mara will guarantee that you will see the Big five comprising of lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant and leopard. Lions are very common in Masai Mara which is unlike most of the other national reserves. Mara Plains are home to a large number of wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and the impala as well as jackals, cheetahs and hyenas. Mara River is home to a large number of crocodiles and hippos that seem to enjoy their live stress-free in the water.

Game viewing is the main reason why thousands of tourists travel to Masai Mara. If you visit during the right hours, you rest assured of seeing most if not all of the animals highlighted above. Most of the lodges and campsites in Masai Mara offer guided game drives that are worthy of every coin in your pocket. Maasai village is just outside the reserve and a visit here will help you understand the culture of the Masai people with their simple lifestyle. Game viewing at Masai Mara can be done all day long and you can rest assured that it won’t be monotonous. You can as well go for a hot air balloon safari which is offered in the early morning hours and get to experience the spectacular sunrise and magnificent landscapes.

During your visit to Masai Mara, remember to take as many photographs as you possibly can. Most of the camps and lodges offer wellness treatments and message which allows you to combine your game drives with luxury. Buying from the local Maasai community is always a great of giving back to the poor community. Most of the items on sale include jewelry made using beads and other local items. Sleeping is offered in David Livingstone Safari Resort, Kilima Camp, Keekorok Lodge, Mara Serena Lodge and Karen Blixen Camp and a few others and camping sites are also available.