Ko Samui, Thailand

Ko Samui is a big island in the Gulf of Thailand. Some beaches such as Lamai and Chaweng are highly commercialized and very popular while beaches in the northern parts and nearby villages like Mae Nam, Bang Rak, Choeng Mon and Bophut are the most peaceful option and beaches in the west coast are comparatively quiet. Nathon beach is the administrative center of Ko Samui and home to Samui Port even though it has little to attract tourists. Laem Yais is located on Northwestern tip and overlooks Ang Thong Island. Another beautiful and quiet beach in Ko Samui is Mae Nam. Other beaches that should be of interest to tourists include Choeng Mon, Chaweng, Lamai, and Samui South Coast.

Ko Samui is an island that boasts of great variety and natural beauty. It is home to over 50000 permanent inhabitants with most of them being Buddhist. The fruit and coconut cultivation and palm-fringed shoreline makes the area pretty attractive to most tourists in the region. Having an area of 247 km sq., Ko Samui is Thailand’s third-largest island and it is well known as a paradise for snorkeling and kayaking.

For adventurous tourists, Ko Samui is adequately big enough to allow serious exploration. Beaches are of course the main attractions in Ko Samui and the reason why most people come here. However, the two popular beaches of Lamai and Chaweng have of late suffered greatly as a result of mass development taking place nearby but they are still an impressive place to be.

However, besides lazing around on the beach, there is nothing much to do here. There is a pair of some great rocks in Ko Samui that are a great attraction to most visitors. Nightlife in Ko Samui has of late become legendary and you are bound to encounter some reckless and rowdy part scenes. Lamai Beach has of late transformed to become a fun place for partying thanks to the many bars that give it an exciting nightlife. One reason why you should opt for Lamai beach over Chaweng beach is that the beach is rarely crowded. Other beaches found in Ko Samui are a perfect place for one to relax and they feature plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants. Most of them are decent enough to go for sunbathing and swimming in the shallow waters especially for kids.

Wat Khunaram Ko Samui is a temple in Ko Samui Island and it is very famous in the area due to the displayed mummified monk. The Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks strikingly resemble female and male sexual organs and are currently among the most treasured attractions on the island. The usual water sports are highly available in Ko Samui such as diving which is very common in Ko Tao and Ang Thong Marine National Park. There are many night clubs in Ko Samui especially in Chaweng Beach and nearby areas that mostly play commercial and pop music and exotic cocktails are also served.