Whitsundays, Australia

Whitsundays is a collection of 74 islands lying off the Queensland coast in Australia. They are a part of the famous Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays used to be the most popular destination spot. Most of the islands have presently been designated as national parks. Major attractions in Whitsundays include accessing the coral reefs for diving and snorkeling, pristine beaches, and the clear warm waters. The islands are connected by two airports which facilitate the travel of the more than half a million tourists who visit Whitsundays every year. Looking around the islands, you will see expensive yachts sailing on the waters. A typical trip here includes visiting the Whitsundays beach as well as snorkeling. Before the tourism industry took over, Whitsundays was majorly used for logging as the main economic activity.

For the adventurous tourist, the island is dotted by numerous camping sites that can satisfy your camping desires. The most recognized landmark in Whitsundays is the Whitehaven beach that consists of brilliant, fine white sand. The tourism industry in Whitsundays uses the image of the beach for their TV advertising and tourism brochures. Hamilton Islands in Whitsundays is the most populated and developed island and has a bank, post office, and an airport.

It also offers numerous options for accommodation including apartments and houses. The Yacht Harbor Towers, Whitsundays Apartments, and Reef View Hotel are the most iconic high rise buildings here. Dent Island is mostly uninhabited and a golf course is currently been erected which will include villa accommodation and golf clubhouse.

The largest island in this archipelago is Whitsunday Island where you will find Whitehaven beach. The main attraction on this beach is the purely white silica sand and an essential to carry along is sunglasses. Other islands to visit in Whitsundays are Hook Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, Long Island and South Molle Island as well as Lindeman Island. Long Island is not developed as such but it is home to three great resorts that are eco styled and largish.

Daydream Island is just a small resort comprising of paths that connect different activities at the resort with accommodation rooms. This island has a family-friendly atmosphere and includes many activities for guests. Hayman Island is a private island where you must book in advance to be allowed to dock. It features some of the most beautiful and highly attractive coral reefs.

Events in Whitsundays are yet other very important attractions that you definitely can’t miss. The Outrigger Cup and Hamilton Island Race Week are annual events held in June and August respectively and have a very competitive, fierce atmosphere. Camping vacations are also very common in Whitsundays especially for people who wish to enjoy a different experience besides the traditional tour packages. Camping enables you to visit the Whitsundays National Parks in style. The islands are also home to beautiful resorts to spend your vacation with the most up-market and modern styled resorts being found in Hayman Island.