Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is a famous resort and port town located in the southern parts of the Sinai Peninsula. It is a very popular destination for both divers and package holidaymakers. In a typical day, Sharm El Sheikh hosts over 9, 000 British visitors. The locals and regular visitors call Sharm El Sheikh ‘City of Peace’. This is about the dozens of peace conferences held in the City. It is one of the most treasured cities in the world of Arabs and there are so many reasons why you should make it your next holiday destination.

For the common tourists, beaching in Sharm El Sheikh is always an awesome activity to do and it is among the finest spots to dive in the world. Also, taking a trip to the desert will leave you with an experience that you will live to remember. The Sinai Peninsula features an incredible combination of sea and deserts. The town has dramatically grown from being a tiny fishing village to one of the largest cosmopolitan areas in Egypt.

Today, it is home to one of the most modernized and well-equipped hospitals in the country. Generally, Sharm El Sheikh experiences an arid, dry climate with humid summers. Na’ama Bay is the heart of dining and nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh where you will find most of the clubs, restaurants, shops, and cafes.

Most of the tourists tend to visit Sharm Old Town and it is also recommended that you also visit the desert especially with a camel. You will enjoy walking through the hidden valleys as you rest at a little known oasis in the desert. Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is something that you must do as it is the most popular activity here. The reefs of Ras Mohammed and Tiran are the best spots to go diving and are easily reachable using a boat.

The water has a lot of plankton which means that fishes, Murrays, and sharks are found in incredibly many numbers. Unfortunately, due to the area’s popularity, it can at times be very overcrowded. Booking a diving safari well in advance before travelling to Sharm El Sheikh is highly recommended. SS Thistlegorm is home to one of the world’s finest shipwreck dives.

Taking a safari to the desert by trekking or using a camel or jeep is a great way of discovering the incredible landscapes. You will be amazed by the varied and beautiful Sinai desert. You should also not miss the popular spectacular canyons as well as the famous St Catherine and Mt Sinai Monastery. Horseback riding is yet another enjoyable activity as well as Quand bikes. Camel trekking has increasingly become very popular nowadays and you should also not miss this. Water can be expensive here and you need to bring your own as well as sunscreen as it can get hot at times. Most hotels and accommodation facilities in Sharm El Sheikh mostly cater for the package tourists and offer great services.