Bangkok, Thailand

With a population of more than 12 million people, Bangkok is the capital centre of  Thailand. It is by far the largest city in the country and it is characterized by high- rise buildings, intense heat, a naughty nightlife, and heavy traffic which not give you a good impression of exactly what this city has to offer. However, you shouldn’t let yourself be misled by this as Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia with magnificent palaces and temples, a vibrant nightlife, and authentic canals that offer an awesome experience like no other. Bangkok has developed from just being a small, little known trading point to one of the Asia’s tourism jewels.

The city has become a national treasure which functions as the country’s cultural, spiritual, educational, diplomatic, and commercial centre. After exploring the wonder that the city has to offer, head to some of the best hostels in Bangkok for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Bangkok is a modern huge city with a fervour and a memorable nightlife. Despite the international news being aired about Bangkok, the city is quite safe, and apart from some petty crimes, you should feel completely safe when visiting this place. Thai cuisine served in most Bangkok restaurants is not only varied but very affordable as well. Bangkok is a city made up of saffron- robbed monks, graceful Thai architecture, garish neon signs, colourful dishes, a tropical climate, and traffic jams that make your vacation complete in every way. The Bangkokian film industry has brought Thailand to the world scenes of movies with predominant genres of Thai films being action, romance, transgender films, and historical epics.

Most of the interesting sights to see in Bangkok are on Rattanakosin Island where the biggest temples like Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho are found. Wat Phra Kaew is the holiest Thai temple that comprises of several decorated holy monuments and buildings. Bangkok also has many museums that showcase the traditional Thai styled residences such as Jim Thompson’s House, M.R Kukrit’s Heritage Home, and Ban Kamthieng house. While some are not as impressive as such, they still make up for an awesome experience. The National Museum in Bangkok is the heart of Thai archaeological remains and history.

While the art community in Bangkok is small, it is very vocal and you should spare some time to visit The Queens Gallery or the National Art Gallery. Bangkok Art & Culture Center hosts many art exhibitions all year round. The largest park in Bangkok is Lumphini Park and allows locals and foreigners to escape city fumes and hectic lifestyle. You can also visit Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm where you will learn more about Thai snakes.

Bicycle tours in Bangkok are an awesome way to tour the city and its suburbs and you can go to explore the markets, temple complexes, and parks in style. In Bangkok, cultural performances are the order of the day which shows the traditional Thai culture through dances, songs, poems, costumes, glamour, and comedy. Calypso Cabaret is the most famous cultural performance. Pampering in Bangkok is a common activity that is mostly offered in spas and massage shops.