Necker Island, Hawaii

Otherwise known as Mokumanamana, Necker Island is one of the smallest Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. It neighbors Honolulu to the northwestern side and Nihoa Island. Necker Island is one of the Hawaiian Islands National Monuments and is designated as a National Wildlife refugee. Generally, this island is quite rocky and features steep sides with very little soil. The island was named after the famous Jacques Necker who was an important personality during the French Revolution.

Necker Island features 33 stone artifacts and stone shrines just like those found in other Hawaiian Islands. Based on this, anthropologists and archeologists believe that Necker Island used to be a religious and ceremonial site during the historical period. According to the legends and myths of Kauai people that are found in Southeastern parts, Necker Island is the last refuge place for a race known as ‘little people’ or the Menehune. Visits to this island are believed to have started about a hundred years ago when the island became inhabited. While Necker Island might not be one of the hottest tourist destinations in the US, tourism on this island is booming and there is much to see during a vacation.

During your holiday vacation at Necker Island, you will get to enjoy the main beach and other exciting water activities. Relaxing on the shoreline is quite a great experience. Key water activities carried out on the island include kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, water skiing, and snorkeling alongside other activities. There are highly trained and qualified instructors who will be glad to show you around. Strolling on the island will also give you a good glimpse of the stunning fauna and flora of the area.

Rainfall at the island is very less and it is not more than 25 inches per year. As such, the only kind of vegetation that you can expect to find here is the low growing grasses and shrubs. The island is also very rocky and the soil is quite little to support any other kind of vegetation. Largely because Necker Island has experienced a lot of scarcity of essential natural supplies, there is very little evidence that supports any kind of long term habitation on the island on the past. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that the island was a significant site for religious purposes, a fact that continues to draw dozens of tourists on the island every year.

The little people who used to occupy the island were believed to have built stone structures, some of which can still be seen even today. Over the years, water sporting activities have attracted some foreign tourists on the island just like the other Hawaiian Islands. As such, you can expect to find many divers in Necker Island which makes the place quite a lovely and beautiful place to go for a holiday vacation. Nowadays, local tour companies in Hawaii will organize for you a great adventure to the island where you will learn Hawaiian history and culture while also enjoying diving in the waters.