Lehua Island, Hawaii

Only measuring about 1.1 km, Lehua is a crescent-shaped, Small Island in the Hawaiian Islands located on the western sides of Kaui. The island is uninhabited and part of the Nihau volcano. This tuff cone was among the first islands to seen by the famous Captain James Cook during his exploration tours in 1778 and he spelled the island as ‘Oreehoua’. Presently, Lehua is a State Seabird Sanctuary in Hawaii. Being a sanctuary, there are so many activities prohibited on this island. However, entry to the island is not prohibited at all.

Scientists have discovered that Lehua habitat is a home to over 16 seabird species and also has some European Rabbits and nonnative rats. When wave conditions and weather allow tourists to cross from Kauai to Lehua, it becomes a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides, the island is also popular thanks to its unusual geological formation referred to as ‘the keyhole’. Situated in a crescent narrow arm, Lehua is a thin but tall isle. The highest point on the island is a lighthouse known as Lehua Rock Light maintained by US Coast Guard.

Lehua offers a world-class diving adventure especially on the famous Lehua rock. Divers visiting this place get to fall in love with the diversity of topography and life offered by Lehua. It is reputed to be the only world diving destination where you get a chance of observing the Hawaiian Monk Seal. You will occasionally come across Grey Reef Sharks patrolling diving areas on the islands and Ono swimming near the water surface. Just like in the other Hawaiian Islands, diving expeditions to Lehua are dependent on sea waves and weather. Diving at the island during March is always a great experience when Mantas school in the sea to mate and there are numerous humpback whales as well.

You can expect to encounter pilot whales, rough tooth dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, bait balls, whale sharks and sperm whales during your expedition tour at the island. As such, visitors get an incredible opportunity of learning about the marine ecology and Lehua species. Driving along the vertical walls of the sea offers a great experience as you get to share your space with monk seals, sharks, eagle rays, mantas, and butterflyfish. As the habitats change, you can expect to encounter different marine life.

During your driving tour at Lehua, huge underwater arches and erosion sea caves change colors surrounding you and give you an awesome experience. Such kind of topography is always exciting and thrilling. Lehua is an excellent diving destination where you get to swim with endangered marine species like Hawaiian Monk Seal. When you get underwater, marine mammals, sharks, rays, and fish will keep coming towards you, and Lehua offers excellent photo opportunities of underwaters. The adventures offered at Lehua also allow you to come face to face with the world’s rare species. Due to the potential of diving conditions and remoteness, Lehua is a perfect destination for a diving vacation.