Ho’okipa Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Ho’okipa Beach, Maui is a world-renowned destination for windsurfing with impressive and dramatic surf for the sightseers also. For the windsurfers, Ho’okipa Beach is their Mecca just like Mount Everest is the Mecca for mountain climbers. The beach features razor-sharp corals, strong currents, and dangerous short breaks that are an ultimate challenge to the experienced.

Ho’okipa Beach is also a prime surfing spot in Maui in Hawaii. Board suffers can expect to see the biggest waves during the wintertime while summer offers more consistent winds that are crucial for windsurfers. To ensure that there are no inter-sport beef at the beach, surfers normally hit the waters in the morning hours while windsurfers continue in the afternoon.

The nature of water at Ho’okipa Beach is only suitable for experienced and experts. Spectators can watch at the overlooking hilltop perch as the world’s most rated windsurfers do their death-defying action. As such, if you are thinking of going for a sailing or surfing vacation at Ho’okipa Beach, you should be skilled and experienced to face the conditions. Even on average days, the beach is characterized by quickly building and sudden afternoon winds and the shallow reef and strong rip currents can easily sweep away optimistic novices. Also, even the experts should study the sea first before they enter into the waters and only do so when there is a guard nearby.

Generally, swimming at Ho’okipa Beach is a secondary activity to other activities as swimming options are limited. However, on the pavilion side, some sandy bottom ocean areas have sheltered swimming as well as some small tide pools along the beach where you can play at. It is very rare for casual swimmers to venture past these shallow margins on the shorelines. Thankfully, lifeguards are always on watch just in case you need their help. Ho’okipa Beach is narrow white sand and long. It is un-crowded which offers a great space for people to spread out and experience the waters comfortably.

There is an exposed reef that runs along the shore break and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles can be seen frequently as the bob to the other side. Besides, it is very possible to spot some sea turtles lazing around the shoreline. Most people won’t even know that the turtles are there as they appear like scattered boulders. As sunset sets in, the surfers will start popping up from the shores to relax on the beach to rest and be admired by their fans.

Ho’okipa Beach offers a great lookout place on the cliff. If prevailing conditions allow, the more adventurous will walk close to the rocky cliffs that are very close to the action. During winter and when the conditions are appropriate, huge waves tend to form with their blowing whitecaps and trail like millions of tiny white ribbons. These are the days when the beach delivers the best natural epic scenes that make visiting Ho’okipa Beach the best holidaying decision you can ever make.