Giethoorn, Holland

Giethoorn is famously referred to as the ‘the small Venice of the North’ or ‘Venice of Holland’. Located in Holland, Giethoorn is quite a beautiful village that has no roads or cars. For tourists traveling here with their cars, they have to leave them outside the village and the travel on foot over the wooden, lovely bridges or by water. The popularity of Giethoorn increased in 1958 after the ‘Fanfare’ comedy was filmed here by Bert Haanstra, a Dutch filmmaker. The history of Giethoorn dates back in AD 1230 when it was founded by Mediterranean fugitives. Until 1973, it had remained as a separate municipality after which it was incorporated in Brederwiede.

Giethoorn is surrounded by large natural vegetation called the ‘De Wieden’ which is always included in the local tourist brochures. Most of the travelers to this place are highly mesmerized with the unique atmosphere of the village, the small wooden bridges, bohemian canals, and vivid flowers. The colorful homes built over 200 years ago are one of the main reasons why you must visit Giethoorn. The village has a population of about 2620 inhabitants.

With no roads available, the only way to tour around Giethoorn is by foot or water and the paths are well marked. Over the years, the village’s tourism industry has developed remarkably. Guided tours are available, there are numerous city attractions like museums and accommodation is available.

You can also rent a boat for your trip to Giethoorn. Also, bikes have been introduced and there are several rental shops where you can get one. Giethoorn is one of the most unique places in Holland thanks to its waterways, bridges and the punters. You will see some farmhouses dating back to the 18th Century tucked in between the trees.

The best way to enjoy Giethoorn attractions is by taking a guided boat trip or canal tour. For pedestrians, sailors and bikers interested in knowing more about the sightseeing and history of Giethoorn, the locals are very friendly and a great source of information. In Giethoorn and its environs, you will be met by an outstanding network of cycling paths that are very safe and ideal for ideal sportive activities. The duo bikes are suitable for both adults and children. You will find expositions, art galleries, and museums that will keep you occupied during your vacation.

The museum farm in Giethoorn is an exposition about working and living in Giethoorn for over 100 years ago. The old earth museum is free to visit and has minerals, stones, and terrarium. You can also visit the Shell Museum and the old-time museum which houses old cars, skates, and bikes.

The surrounding of Giethoorn is also exciting places to visit like the fortress city, a nearby sheep farm and Blokzijil city which has monumental merchant houses. For sporting and relaxation, Giethoorn is home to an all-weather swimming pool, the cinema City theater, and the bowling hotel which all offer a great relaxed atmosphere. Ice skating and fishing are two sporting activities that will keep you thrilled during your visit to Giethoorn village.