Saint Kitts and Nevis

The two tropical islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis are located in the Caribbean and neighbors Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico. Just like most of the other Caribbean islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis have changed hands severally between French and English which has lent to the building of many heritage cities with names from either of the countries. Nevertheless, Style Victorian/ Anglo Saxon architecture dominates the islands. Old British fortifications can also be seen on the island. There are many projects underway that will see Saint Kitts and Nevis become some of the most developed and modernized islands in the Caribbean. Most of these projects are vast ship docks that will accommodate large cruisers and lines with loading and terminal docks.

The natural aspects of Saint Kitts and Nevis are what that makes these islands remarkable. Tropical birds on the island are many some of which cannot be found elsewhere. There are also some funny and famous monkeys which were said to be brought by pirates. Turtle Beach is an interesting place to be during your holiday vacation in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The two islands experience a tropical climate accompanied by sea breezes. The coastlines are shaped like a ball and a baseball bat. Key cities here include Basseterre which is the capital, Charlestown, Cayon, Gingerland, Dieppe Bay Town, Old Road Town, New Castle, and Sandy Point Town.

With just an area of about 261 km2, you can expect that Saint Kitts and Nevis islands are rather limited for travel. However, there is a wide range of incredible typical sights that will make your holiday vacation a busy one. Due to the strategic positioning of the islands, you will learn a lot about how European nations struggled for power and control over the West Indies islands. You will also have a chance to visit the many sugar plantations on the islands, visit the scenic railway, Brimstone Hill Fortress which has been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites and still a national park. Fort Charles is also worthy of a visit as well. The capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Basseterre is one of the most pleasant places you can visit and you will see St. George’s Anglican Church, Independence, the impressive Old Treasury building as well as National Museum. Mount Liamuiga offers a great hiking experience and there are also several villages and great beaches to visit.

Diving sites in Saint Kitts and Nevis are many and gorgeous for both the experienced divers and beginners. The ample reefs on the sea, caves, and shipwrecks are quite stunning sights for divers. Hiking at Mt. Liamuiga involves excursions to climbing the scaling rocks. You need to be cautious when going for a hiking expedition on the mountain as the trails haven’t been marked and can get seriously muddy during the rainy season not to mention that there are no toilets on the mountain. When visiting the city or public places such as stores, downtown, and airport, it disrespectful to walk around in beach attire and you should avoid this.