The Central American country of Panama boasts of having coastlines both ob North Pacific Oceana and the Caribbean Sea. Its strategic positioning gives the country complete control f Panama Canal which arbitrary links the North Pacific Ocean through North Atlantic Ocean. Currently, Panama is one of the top emerging world travel destinations which have been facilitated by the wide range of experiences, attractiveness, and ease of traveling into the country. By just planning a one week vacation to Panama, tourists are assured of enjoying two big water bodies at once, experience the rainforest and mountains, experience the vibrant nightlife, and learn more about local culture. Panama City is the national capital of Panama and it is a sophisticated modernized city resembling Miami. It is the center for commerce, cuisine, fashion, and arts.

Recently, the National Geographic, Frommers and Fodors have started publishing Panama travel guides which should tell you how fast this country is developing in terms of tourism. Since the location is located between South and North America, it is referred to as ‘Americas Crossroads’. The name Panama translates to ‘fish abundance’ which further strengthens the reputation of the country as a heaven on earth for eco-tourists and water sporting enthusiasts. Flora and fauna in Panama are highly diverse and of late, the country was recognized for having many bird species than any other country in the world. Most of the locals still practice their ancient way of living which makes the country’s cultural aspect exceptionally rich.

The government of Panama has been on the forefront in support of tourism, development, and business, something it has done by forging strong international relations especially with the USA. Unfortunately, due to its rather strategic positioning, Panama is highly prone to natural hazards and forest fires and severe storms are sometimes common. However, strong hurricane winds are rarely experienced in Panama as they usually hit countries in the farther north.

Other major cities apart from Panama City are Balboa, Boquete, Boca Chica, Cristobal, Colon, Gamboa, David, and Portobelo which is a diving center. The Coiba National Marine Park is home to some rare land and water species. Most visitors will visit the marine park to snorkel and scuba as well apart from seeing the marine life. Other destinations worthy of travel are El Valle, Islas Secas, La Amistad International Park which is known for whale watching, Taboga, Pearl Islands, Volcan Baru National Park, and San Blas Islands.

Hiking is yet another common touristic activity in the many trails especially those found in the national parks. Even where you don’t have a local guide, you can easily access the hiking trails and see birds and wildlife. Canopy adventures are very exciting in Panama and can be found mostly in Panama City, Boquete, and Cocle. Horseback riding is becoming increasingly common as well as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, coffee tasting, boating, white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, birding, and hot springs visits. Panama is generally a safe country and you will be amazed by the extreme friendliness of the locals.