Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Iguazu Falls in Brazil is one of the world’s greatest wonders which translates to ‘big water’. Situated at the border of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, the falls have been listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Accessing the falls can be done through the three cities of the three countries. Foz do Iguacu is the city of the Brazilian side and this big city is reasonably big as per Brazillian standards.

Puerto Iguazu town is on the side of Argentina and it is a pretty, small city. Even though Iguazu Falls are just between Argentina and Brazil only, you can still access them from the Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este which is connected to Brazil by a bridge. This exciting but hectic city has a reputation of being a center for inexpensive electronic goods and contraband but can’t be quite unsafe at times.

Both Argentinean and Brazilian cities have airports that facilitate travel to Iguazu Falls. If you happen to be accommodated at any of the two hotels on both the Brazilian and Argentinean side, you can easily walk your way to the falls without having to hire taxis or pay bus fare. This is something worth considering when planning your visit to the falls. There are foot rails that serve both parts of this park. There are also bus services that connect Iguazu Falls with the other activities that take place in the area. With tones of water being thrown over the cliffs, this is one of the most awesome sights that you can expect to see.

Iguazu Falls are actually taller and twice in width compared to Niagara Falls. Spending a day at either side of falls is worth it more so if you also plan to go boat rides. Rushing past the falls main viewpoints and then leaving will leave you short of a great experience. The only way you can appreciate this awesome place is having a good, well-guided perspective. Even though a significant portion of Iguazu Falls is located in Argentina, Brazil also offers a great overview as well. Several tracks are well marked and paved apart from Sendero Macuco. Circuito Superior is one of the best viewpoints of the waterfalls located on the Argentinean side.

Other tracks where you can catch fantastic views of Iguazu Falls include Circuito Inferior, Isla San Martin, Garganta del Diablo, and Sendero Macuco all of which are located in Argentina side. The main attraction is Garganta del Diablo and you shouldn’t leave without seeing it. The Brazilian side offers an excellent view of the Devil’s Throat as well as other sections of the falls. Spectacular boat trips are the best way to spend your time in Iguazu Falls. Souvenirs can also be bought on either side of Iguazu Falls. However, as you would expect, they are more expensive than souvenirs sold at Puerto Iguazu and Foz do Iguazu. The best places to eat during your visit to Iguazu Falls are the Sheraton hotel and Porto Canoas.