The Nordic country of Sweden has a population of 9.5 million people. Bordering Finland and Norway, the Oresund Bridge connects Sweden to Denmark and Arctic sits on its northern parts. Sweden is one of the few countries in the world that has never been involved in any war despite being a major military power and made no military alliances even during the World Wars. As such, the country is best known for its peace profile and home to some of the internationally famous names such as Hans Blix and Dag Hammarskjold. By constitution, the country is a monarchy even though the kind doesn’t have any executive powers. For a long time, the Swedish people have been pagans and were christened in the 16th Century by the pope. However, Sweden is today by far a secular nation with only a handful of people going to church.

Sweden is a highly developed country with one of the highest life expectancy and standard of living ranking in the world. It is a member of the European Union but not committed to Euro currency and European Monetary Union. The locals appear quite reserved but they are also very friendly and hospitable to tourists. Interestingly, Sweden is home to all the Nobel Prize committees except the peace prize committee that seats in Oslo

Key regions in Sweden include Noorland, Svealand, and Gotaland. The capital city is Stockholm which is also the largest in the country and well known for its great archipelago and amazing beauty. Also, nightlife in this city is just crazy and some of the best restaurants in Europe call Stockholm home.

The industrial city of Gothenburg is the second-largest and is also a port city. Other cities and towns include Orebro, Uppsala, Umean, Kiruna, Vasteras, Malmo, Lulea and a few others. Gotland is a hot destination in Sweden and the island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other destinations worthy of traveling include Kullaberg which houses a Nature Reserve, hiking trails in Kungsleden, Riksgransen which has a ski resort, the old city of Sigtuna and the picturesque Osterlen. Laponia National Park attracts a lot of tourists during summer thanks to its beautiful mountains which offers a great site for hiking and several campsites and cabins.

The old towns of Sweden are also worthy of a visit such as Uppsala, Karlskrona and Visby alongside various castles and Royal Palaces. The economy of the country is supported by mining and most of the mills and mines are well preserved and worth a visit and some of them like Fagersta and Falun are listed by UNESCO. The Woodland Cemetery is also a UNESCO recognized the site as well as Struve Meridian Arch and Grimenton Radio Masts.

Sweden is well known as a perfect destination for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, canoeing, skating, horse riding, and sailing. The country also offers remarkable shopping and nightlife opportunities especially in Stockholm that features great shopping malls. Visiting Sweden is best recommended during summer between the months of late May and early September.