Playa del Carmen

Commonly referred to as ‘Playa’ by the locals, Playa del Carmen is a cool coastal resort town located on Mexico Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo. Besides being the heart of Mayan Riviera, Playa del Carmen has an invitingly relaxed atmosphere, a unique European flavor, and smaller but attractive boutique lodgings. Most travelers to Playa del Carmen are quick to note the rectangular layout of its downtown area which makes touring the town quite easy. While you can opt to hire a car to get around this coastal town, you can as well opt to walk in this friendly place or you can alternatively rental a bike from the various rental shops found here.

Being a coastal town, Playa del Carmen attractions are ideally the common ones that you would expect in a destination of this kind. The usual water activities like fishing will keep you busy during your 3-4 day holiday vacation. In the town Quinta Avenida is the major tourist thoroughfare here and the pedestrian-only street has everything you wish for including restaurants, clubs, bars, tourist services, and incredible shopping activities. The recently completed project on beach reclamation has further restored the dignity of Playa del Carmen as a hot tourist attraction. Fishing is a common activity in Playa which you definitely can’t avoid as a tourist. Deep-sea fishing in the coastal town is facilitated by the charter boats available but you need to watch out not to set off in the waters when the weather is bad. If you are lucky to catch a fish, the many beachside restaurants are always more than happy to prepare it for you at a small fee.

While Mexico doesn’t allow topless sunbathing, police in Playa del Carmen tolerate this but it is not endorsed by the locals. The beaches are always flooded with locals on Sundays and this is the best time you can go to have extreme fun and socialize with them. Playa del Carmen is slowly establishing itself as a top destination for nightlife even though it is less wild compared to some of its neighbors like Cancun to the north. Most of the clubs will stay open till morning while restaurants and shops close relatively early. Nights in Playa del Carmen are all about drinking and dancing toll morning which is best experienced in the beautiful and relaxing beach clubs.

There are abundant snorkeling and scuba diving offers in Playa del Carmen for tourists who might be interested. The touristy area in Playa del Carmen is a hub of many shops which mostly sell souvenirs, bracelets and sh There, here, re several supermarkets here as well where you can have an amazing shopping experience like in Chedraui and Soriana. Presently, tourists in Playa del Carmen have been associated with smoking marijuana which has increasingly become very common of late. However, tourists are advised to be cautious as marijuana in Mexico is illegal and can land you into jail once you are apprehended.