The North American country of Mexico borders the USA and Belize to the north and Southeast respectively. The country boasts of incredibly extensive coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Pacific Ocean on its western parts. The country enjoys a warm, inviting weather and boasts of a unique cultural heritage characterized by its superb architecture, unique pyramids, great food, archeology and art.

Its great shoreline and modernized cities not to mention its rainy jungles and desert makes Iceland one of the hottest tourist destinations in America. There are numerous golf courses in Iceland and the country offers an excellent fishing opportunity in its many waters. Most of the tourist activities in Mexico are based in beach resorts and WTO named Mexico among the 10 most traveled tourist destinations in the world.

The famous Baja Peninsula in Mexico is dominated by American tourists which features 21st-century resorts while tourists from Europe mostly travel to colonial towns such as Guanajuato as well as smaller southern resort areas such as Playa del Carmen. The landscape of Mexico comprises of rugged, high mountains, high plateaus, coastal plains and temperate plains characterized by Mezquite trees and grasslands. While there are many holidays in Mexico including Christmas, New Year’s Holiday, Constitution Day and others, perhaps the most celebrated holiday in the nation is Easter.

Major regions in Mexico include the Baja California which borders U.S California state and Northern Mexico which has expansive mountains and deserts making it the most ignored Mexican area by tourists and referred to as the ‘Unknown Mexico’. The historic Bajo region is known for its traditional silver mines and central Mexico is home to Mexico City and thus the most developed area. Impressive archaeological sites are also found in Yucatan Peninsula.

The largest city in Mexico City and it is listed among the top three largest world cities. With its 700 years history, this highly sophisticated city seems to be home to everything including colonial architecture, Aztec ruins, parks, shopping, nightlife and museums. The Acapulco city offers elegant dining opportunities and has a remarkable nightlife. Cancun houses one of the most famous beaches in the world thanks to its clear, inviting Caribbean waters and lots of great recreational facilities. Other major cities in Mexico include Tijuana, Taxco, San Luis Potosi and Monterrey.

Scuba diving is one of the obvious sea activities you would expect in a country such as Mexico surrounded by lots of waters. Other tourist interesting things to do in Mexico include surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, scuba diving and volcano visits. Tourists will also spend their time enjoying the beautiful beaches and coastline in Oaxaca.

Horseback rides are also common as well as visits to ecological parks and archaeological sites. Cave paintings and trekking will also keep you busy and in addition to undertaking volunteer activities in Chiapas, you can still decide to go for Spanish classes which are very common in most of the local universities in Mexico City.