The densely populated Western Europe Republic of Belgium borders the Netherlands on its North, France on its south and Germany to its east and Luxembourg lies in the Southeast. In its development efforts, Belgium has come to have some conflicting demands when it comes to agriculture, industrialization, transport and urbanization. The terrain of Belgium consists of coastal plains, valleys, wooded hills and rolling hills. Belgium has a temperate climate featuring mild winters and cool summers. Being a rather small country, the high urbanization rate has led to the development of numerous cities. Brussels is the capital city and it is highly multicultural. With the renowned Grand Palace, Brussels is a historic center and home to Braque guildhalls.

The Atomium in Brussels is a key symbol of Belgium and other touristic sites include the royal palace and St. Michael cathedral. Brussels is also home to important museums like a comic museum, royal museum and Magritte museum. Other major cities that are worthy to have in your itinerary include Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Mechelen, Ypres, Dinant and Lier.

Being a considerably small country, tourists can get to almost any part using the comfortable, cheap, fast and reliable public transport service. Belgium plays a key role in the administration of the European Union. Tourists are always left amazed by the gorgeous and rich heritage of such a small country. There are many fascinating historical attractions in Belgium characterized by Art Nouveau and medieval architecture. Belgium is also a highly conservative country and has long-standing traditions in fine dining and arts.

Tourists visiting the countryside can expect to witness anything including sandy beaches ridges and forested hills. The vibrant capital of Brussels is home to impressive modern buildings and historic monuments like the Grand Place which is listed is as a World Heritage site. Camping, hiking and biking are also common touristic activities in Belgium. The Ardennes features tight forests, cliffs and caves.

Visitors to this area can see the wild boar, lynx and deer. The Namur city is strategically located along rivers Sambre and Meuse which offers a nice view of the town. Belgians are known to have a great taste for art reflected in the many art museums found all over the country. These museums also display a lot of things as well including technology and industrial items and folklore and other historical objects. Military cemeteries that resulted from the two world wars also form a part of the attractions.

Ducasse de Mons is a yearly festival in Mons city celebrating the time when the legendary dragon was released. A Brussels’ parade known as Ommegang is also celebrated as well as other festivals. Notable items that visitors to Belgium can buy and take home include the Belgian chocolate, Laces, beer, designer fashions and jewelry alongside comic books. Eating is a hobby to most Belgians with restaurants located all over the country. Some of their specialties include the Mussels, stomp, French fries and other local and international cuisine delicacies.