Australia has a reputation as one of the top global tourism destinations thanks to its rich touristic resources which include natural wonders, deserts and beaches. Being a largely urbanized country, most of the tourism attractions in Australia are located in the cosmopolitan in some of the big cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Australia is one of the largest countries, listed at number six and has the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean bordering it to the east and west respectively. Its population is multicultural where you can find a mixture of different lifestyles and religions. As such, cities are extremely multiracial which gives it a unique environment for tourism. The big cities feature many restaurants serving a wide range of both international and local foods.

Melbourne city has of late been branded as an art center while Brisbane city is famous for its multicultural villages. Festivals in Australia are common in Adelaide, a city that is largely influenced by the German culture. Perth on the other hand is popular as a city where internal arts festivals are held and are rich in wine and food culture and have precious metals, gems and pearls. Canberra was purposively erected to be the capital city of the nation. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia are found in Brisbane while Adelaide is a worship center where you will find lots of churches. Being the second-largest city in Australia, Melbourne is the national capital for culture and tourists flock in here for shopping and sporting. Sydney is a world-famous and being the largest and oldest in Australia, it has a picturesque harbor that gives it international recognition.

Australia is home to several islands such as the Lord Howe Island, the Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Torres Strait Island, Coral Sea Island and Macquarie Island alongside a few others. Wildlife resources are key attractions in the country consisting of rather unique flora and fauna.

Some of the large mammals in Australia are the monotremes and marsupials. Almost all the cities here have zoos and wildlife parks such as Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Some of the animals likely to be seen in the wild are wallabies and kangaroos, echidna, Wombats, Emu, Koalas and Platypus. Landmarks in Australia are many including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru in the red center.

Australian culture also features a range of sporting activities such as football, cricket, tennis, rugby and netball. Swimming is an enjoyable activity that tourists enjoy in Australia in its endless beaches and tropical oceans.  The Australia Great Barrier Reef is a top destination for diving/ snorkeling where you can some tropical fishes.

Another popular activity in Australia is bushwalking especially in the rainforests and national parks. Rock climbing and golfing will also keep you busy in Australia as well as horse riding, skiing, sky diving and hot air ballooning, common in Brisbane and Canberra. Gambling is also common in Australia in the many city casinos scattered all over the country especially in Melbourne.