People know Bahrain as a place that has a close relationship with water in most of its aspects. For instance, in Arabic, the name of the country translates to the ‘Two Seas’ and islands are characterized by greatly reduced landmass while water laps continuously on the shores. The water that laps the country’s coastline is so shallow such that most of the land is regularly reclaimed by inhabitants. Manama is the financial harbor of Bahrain that has been growing tremendously with the reclaimed land being erected with beautiful buildings like Dual Towers.

While Bahrain is an oil-producing country, just as you would expect, the country has great tourism potential and there is quite a lot to do and see here. The Bahrain Fort is a key attraction in the country and went through renovations recently. Even though it is in good condition, it unfortunately lacks exhibits, signage and furniture. Next to the fort you will find a museum containing a wide range of artifacts depicting the region’s Islamic era. The 16th century Arad Fort will also be of interest to any tourist which now hosts various cultural events and festivals held in Bahrain.

Bahrain is also home to many museums like the Al Oraifi Museum where you will find artifacts of the Dilumin era. Rare Islamic manuscripts collections are preserved at the Beit al Quaran museum and others are such as the Bahrain National Museum, currency museum and Oil Museum where you will find history about the oil industry in the locality. With Bahrain experiencing a warm climate around the year, water in the beaches is quite warm and the beaches have clear, calm water. While there are many trees in the country, there is a special one found in the desert, right in the middle during the petroleum industry among oil wells and is known as Tree of Life.

Prehistoric burial grounds are remarkable tourist attractions in Bahrain which are mainly found at the Tyloos, Shakhoora, Sa’ar, Buri and others. Tourists also visit some famous houses in the country like the Al Jasra House and Bin Matar House which all have an interesting history. Bahrain Grand Pris is a big event in the country held yearly at Bahrain International Circuit. With the country experiencing mostly high temperatures, water sports are very tempting and this is something that you can’t afford to miss during your travel to this great destination.

Even though Bahrain is largely a desert country, there is an international golf course that puts the country on a global map and located near Manama city. Highways are decorated with camel riding activities and you can enjoy such activities as well.  There are many shopping malls in the country consisting of international, luxurious label boutiques and shops as well as supermarkets. Food courts, traditional and contemporary cafes, cinemas, arcades, play areas and water are also available as well. The dining scene at Bahrain is impressive and there are many restaurants where tourists can satisfy their gastronomic needs especially in Adliya.