Papua New Guinea

Visiting Papua New Guinea is an adventurous activity. This place is a whole island of discoveries, beautiful natural landscape forms, and admirable culture of the people dwelling in it. Papua New Guinea is an independent nation of humble and hardworking people. The nation lies in the Oceania region, and it consists of five islands. Port Moresby is the capital city for the nation, and it features many tourist attractions including the government buildings and centers. Historic centers standing on the island are evidence that the islands have been a settlement for over 30 millenniums, hence it has signs of the evolution of humankind.

Papua New Guinea location is dangerous because its volcanic areas are active since it is a point where many tectonic plates meet. Therefore, earthquakes, eruptions, and tsunamis can occur at the island, so it is best to stay close to the long-lived settlement of people that have never been affected by such natural disasters. There are three reliable means of traveling to Papua New Guinea. The Jackson International Airport in the city of Port Moresby is the major gateway to the island. Air Niugini, Pacific Blue, and QANTASLINK airlines operate international flights between the island nation and many countries namely; Australia, Solomon Islands, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur. If you are in neighboring Indonesia, you can just board a vehicle at Papua then cross over the border to Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea offers guesthouses, lodges, and hotels for tourist accommodation. Guesthouses appear to be the cheapest option at least $15 per night. However, some hotels are affordable at roughly the same price as the guesthouses, but with only basic facilities for sleeping room set-up. Examples of lodges in the country are; Ambua Lodge and Warili Lodge that charge at least $20 per night. If you can afford high charges of 100 US Dollars per night, then find the international high-quality hotels like Crown Plaza and Airways International in Port Moresby.

The traditional model of cooking in Papua New Guinea is unique. An oven, located underground, is used to cook and heat food for every meal. This oven is locally known as the Mumu. The local recipes include the common rice, plantains, and meat. However, the western diet is available in the restaurants and hotels within the islands. A treat to the bars within offers a chance to try out the local South Pacific Lager.

There are many attractions to see and fun activities to do in Papua New Guinea. There are islands and beaches to visit and enjoy the water fun sports besides the ocean. Many historic monuments wait to be seen in the country and national parks to find hundreds of species of birds, marine animals and many other wildlife species to see. Activities that tourists can involve themselves with are hiking in the mountains and hills; attend shows like the Goroka and Mount Hagen shows, fishing in the fishing areas, a flight adventure, and coastal fun activities.

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