Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a well-known capital city of Norway, in the Scandinavian region. Oslo is also a historic place as it was established over 1000 years ago by Norway’s King Harald Hardrade. Oslo has been the base for Norway kingdom since the beginning of the 14th century to the current period. Oslo City is popular for its massive area of geographical cover making it one of the top largest cities worldwide, and its huge virgin forest cover within its territory. There is a lake near the city center known as the Oslo fjord that connects to the North Sea. The nearby archipelago of islands is also part of Oslo’s territory, and is a major attraction to visit while touring the city.

There are four ways of reaching Oslo City. The flight option is served by either of three airports within and in the neighborhood of Oslo City. These airports are Oslo Airport, Sandefjord Airport, and Moss Airport. Its tickets can be booked online to arrive at any of these airports. Since these airports are located away from the city center of Oslo, travelers have to use train transport, buses, or taxi that stage near the airports.

Oslo Central Station on the eastern side of the city and the Lysaker Station at the western edge of the city are the stops for those who travel by train from domestic cities and cities in the international sector like Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. If you have a private car nearby then you can use the major highways that lead to Oslo City. International highways from outside Norway are E6 from Malmo, E18 from Saint Petersburg, E16 from Bergen, E134 from Haugesund, and E18 from Drammen.

Swebus Express, Eurolines, and GoByBus offer international rides between Oslo City and places outside Norway. The major domestic bus operator is the Nor-Way Bussekspress buses that connect Oslo to most of the cities in Norway. If you are in Denmark and Germany, some ferries can be used to arrive at the seaports of Oslo. These ferries are Color Line from Germany and DFDS and Stena Line from Denmark. Oslo’s population of hotels is low, thus it is difficult to secure a room during globally recognized holidays. This is likewise to the hostels, though they are the cheapest options. There are also camping options; Bogstad Camping, Langoyene Island camping and Ekeberg Camping.

When dining in Oslo, you can either choose the cheap lifestyle of dining or the luxurious setup. The cheapest restaurants are Asian restaurants and snack bars, so the local cuisine is a blend of the traditional Norway dishes and some imported European and American dishes. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are in plenty within the city center. Oslo has only scattered monumental buildings.

Tours inside the Royal Palace are available during the summer. Tickets are required to take advantage of the tour, and they can be purchased from any post office. Other tourist sites to visit are the stunning architectural Opera House and the artistic Munch Museum.

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