Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the capital city of one of the oldest nations in the world, Spain. Madrid is the center of famous and globally renowned tourist attractions that are backed up by the existence of the kingdom of Spain over the centuries. Madrid City is vibrant during both the day and night with social clubs and pubs operating throughout the night. Madrid is located in the center of the Castilian plateau in Spain. The climate in Madrid is mostly dry and warm. The four complete seasons are experienced; however, spring and autumn seasons bring about rainfall to the land. The summer is generally hot and dry.

The city of Madrid is easily accessible in many ways. If you are coming into Madrid from farther countries, it is convenient to use air transport or train transport. The Madrid Barajas International Airport is the largest in the country, and it is situated roughly 13 kilometers from Madrid City center. Several foreign airlines and the national carrier, Iberia, serve the airport. From the airport, travelers can board either an express bus or the Cercanias commuter train to reach the city center.

However, taxis are also available for the trip but they highly charge at 32 Euros. If you opt to use train transport, ensure that your stop is either at the station of Charmartin or that of Atocha in Madrid. Trains that connect the city to other cities within the country are Metro and Cercanias trains. Madrid also has international bus connections with its neighboring states, and the buses operate to and from the terminals of Estacion Sur de Autobuses and Avenida de America bus terminals in Madrid.

Madrid is a nice place to spend your nights as your tour the city and other tourist attractions in Spain Madrid offers hotel accommodation, hostel, and rental apartments for tourist accommodation. Magdalenaloft is a popular holiday rental, and it offers impressive accommodation facilities. The rental is located near tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers, hence it is the most applied by tourists living in Madrid, for those who can afford at least 95 Euros per night. However, there are cheaper and less luxurious options than the luxurious hotels within the city.

Madrid has a large concentration of fine restaurants and hotels along its streets and secluded areas near the city center. The cuisine is purely Spanish as the flavor and servings are locally owned. A mixture of vegetables and a variety of meat characterizes the Spanish dishes. Seafood is also common in the eateries. Alongside the local cuisine, there are distinguished restaurants that serve foreign dishes, so the city is a place of a variety of interesting desserts to try out. Madrid is also a center for large and most vibrant nightclubs and pubs in Europe, where beer and wines and in plenty and everybody can enjoy their social outing s overnight.

The Puerto del Sol is the number one spot to visit in Madrid City. The spot is a huge plaza that houses numerous tourist attractions, apart from being a busy place where various economic activities take place. Sights to find in this plaza are; the Statue of King Charles III on a horse’s back, the clock tower, the Tio Pepe sign, and the Bear and the Madrono Tree statue. The Palacio Real is also an enormous place to visit and witness the unique architectural designs of this huge palace. Other attractions to meet in the city are art museums, national parks for wildlife, and gorgeous botanical gardens.

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