Florida, USA

As one of the southern states of the United States of America, Florida is a famous tourist destination especially during the winter season. Though it is a member of the federation of the United States of America, Florida does not use the English language as their native language. Spanish is widely spoken by the locals of the country. Most of the Spanish cultures can also be witnessed amongst the local community. Agriculture is a common and major economic activity in the country, with oranges being its major exports. Florida is known for its massive theme parks like the Disney World, and its Atlantic Ocean beaches.

  Florida has four international airports, connections with two international trains, established road border connections, and cruise ships and ports, which facilitate transport between the state and other states within the U.S.A. and outside the North American continent. Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airports connect Florida to London, Canada, Cayman Islands, and Mexico amongst other destinations around the world. If you are in Virginia, you can board the Amtrak Auto Train to arrive at Sanford City in Florida.

Amtrak Silver Star and Silver Meteor trains operate between New York and Miami in Florida. Many border roads are reliable for reaching Florida from nearby states. The highways that can be used to access Florida’s places are Interstate 95, Interstate 75, Interstate 10, US 1, US 231, US 98, US 301, and US 27. Miami, Tampa, and Port Canaveral serve as international port gateways for ships operating between the ports and those in the Caribbean region. Florida has a well organized and variety of accommodation options to suit every need of tourists planning to stay in the country. For those who want to stick to a low budget, there are inns, cabins, penthouses, and low-cost-basic hotel accommodation available in the cities and mostly in small towns. For the luxurious category, search for the high-end hotels within the cities of Miami and Orlando.

The cuisine in Florida is a blend of the Spanish, Cuban, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Most of the dishes in the country are based on seafood recipes, plantains, and fruits like avocados and coconuts. As you treat yourself to the fine restaurants and hotels, you are likely to come across the alligator meat that is available for everybody to try it. Cuban dishes are characterized by various rice dishes and sandwiches designed the Cuban way. Beer fans will often find beer in every store and supermarket they come across. Some stores specialize in various brands of wines and beers to choose and enjoy, however, ensure you are 21 years and over to be allowed to purchase a beer or wine.

Florida is a country with a high number of theme parks that also act as tourist attractions for the country. Florida is home to the largest theme park in the world, Disney World. The white sandy beaches along the coast are an everlasting fun beside and in the ocean. Enjoy fishing in Florida’s fishing grounds as you find various types of fish species. Visit the Space Shuttle Lich and see for yourself the launching of the space vehicle up into the universe. These and much more to be seen in Florida, so plan well to visit and stay in Florida the next holidays.

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