5 Reasons to Choose an Asia River Cruise

Rich cultural experiences. Exciting activities and people. Beautiful and unique landscapes. These are just a few of the features of an Asia river cruise, read about the service of cruise ship accident lawyers in the next post. But here these special, more exclusive vacation options have emerged as a popular choice for cruisers who are looking for an engaging and inspiring vacation destination. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should choose an Asia River Cruise for your next vacation.

1. Cuisine.  When you choose an Asia river cruise, you can expect to see the region you are cruising reflected in many aspects of your cruise (a unique feature of river cruising). The onboard cooks may use ingredients that match the regional fare, demonstrate cooking styles that are based upon those of the area, and present dishes that are popular in that destination. Besides, when you travel ashore, you will have the opportunity to taste succulent traditional Asian food, whether it be the Szechuan style of China or some family-style Vietnamese.
2.Entertainment. Asia is a cruise destination that features exciting entertainment. For those vacationers who haven’t been fortunate enough to experience the Orient, there are many customs and traditions which are expressed through song, dance, and performance that will delight and enthrall you! Who knows, you may find yourself attending a Dragon Dance in China or seeing performances by the musical students of Cambodia.

3. History.  Those of you who enjoy the historical aspect of a vacation would be wise to visit the Far East. Many traditions of Asian history (regardless of country) are deeply reflected in the modern culture and play a huge part in everyday life. Besides, there is a cornucopia of religious and historical sites to see in each port-of-call (ex. Angkor Wat in Cambodia).

4. Beautiful Scenery.  Besides the incredibly detailed clothing, art, and music you will encounter during a cruise to Asia, the landscape and natural beauty is spectacular as well. For example, in Vietnam, you can experience everything from the beauty and serenity of a waterfall to the grandeur and inspiration of a mountain.

 5. Unique Cruising Experience.  Last, but certainly not least, you can expect a very unique cruising experience onboard a river cruise to Asia. The ships that carry you down rivers like the Mekong or Yangtze River will sometimes have regional touches (as mentioned above) in their décor, cuisine, and entertainment. These smaller ships allow for a more personal experience, which means fewer passengers, more personalized service, and the opportunity to see smaller ports-of-call (because of the size of the ship). River cruising is truly a special experience.

This list only brushes upon the many benefits of choosing a river cruise to Asia. There are all types of Asia river cruises: different cruise lines, ports-of-call, features, and lengths. Do a little bit of research, use a travel agent, and find the right sailing for you. One thing is for sure, an Asia river cruise is a fantastic vacation option sure to be a memorable experience for you.

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