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New York is considered one of the countries with the highest population in the United States. However, more than just a metropolis, New York brags off a lot of other great attractions from the majestic skyscrapers to the elegant wineries of the Finger Lakes. This is probably the most popular city in the world and it attracts millions of tourists from all around the world every year. Getting to New York by plane will most likely land you in one of the state’s three biggest airports, the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport or the La Guardia Airport. Some of the large upstate airports in the state are the Greater Rochester International Airport, Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and Albany International Airport. Other smaller airports within New York include the Long Island McArthur Airport, Westchester Country Airport, and the Greater Binghamton Airport.

Several trains traverse New York coming from various locations. From New England, you can ride the Acela Express that connects from Boston, New Haven, and Providence. A cheaper alternative would be riding the Northeast Regional train traversing the same route. Other trains coming from New England are Lake Shore Limited and Ethan Allen Express. From the Midwest, the most common trains are the Cardinal and Lake Shore Limited. From the Mid-Atlantic States, you can take the Keystone Express or the Pennsylvanian. From the south, the most common options are the Carolinian and Crescent. On the other hand, if you’re coming from Canada, ride the Adirondack or the Maple Leaf which can take you directly to New York City. You can also travel to New York by car if you’re coming from Canada, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

When it comes to dining, you are almost always assured of a wide variety of delicacies, thanks to the influx of immigrants coming from all parts of the globe. You can taste diversity in food selections even in the most upstate cities. The Statue of Liberty is a must-view. Stroll around the Big Apple just to experience what it feels like strolling the streets you used to see in the movies. It also has its fair share of landmarks and museums you shouldn’t miss. If you happen to drop by the city of Manhattan, stroll around the Central Park and enjoy promenading while sipping a cup of coffee. Apart from the Big Apple, you can also drop by the other cities which are known for being cultural centers of New York. These are Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester.

Take your time to visit the majestic and largest falls on this planet – the Niagara. Also called the honeymoon capital of the world, the powerful rush of waters of the Niagara will truly amaze anyone, just married or not. Climb up the tallest mountains in the largest state park in the U.S., the Adirondack High Peaks and be amazed by the magnificent view below.

Head on to the Darien Lake and watch the sunset along the gorgeous beaches of Long Island. Other spots you can visit in New York are the Fire Island National Seashore, Lake George, Letchworth State Park, and the Thousand Islands.

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