Barcelona – Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

A trip to Barcelona leaves every tourist with beautiful memories of this tourist destination. Barcelona is a site of several outstanding, huge structures with admirable features and symbolic items of the Barcelona society. The Temple de la Sagrada Familia is one large building consisting of three facades and five hubs. Its architecture takes you back to ancient times. Its towers are slender at a height of almost one hundred meters above the level ground where the temple stands. It is a dramatic sight, and one of its unique properties is that its decorations are made of ceramics. This is a place you have to pass by when touring Barcelona.

Explore Barcelona’s nature in the Cosmo Caixa Museum at Teodor Roviralta. Its site is beautifully graced with all kinds of natural beauty. The marine side of the museum opens to the world of many aquatic animals whereas and the dry side allows you to interact with some of the unique, wild animal species like the dolly desert mice. Treat yourself to the artistic feel at the Caixa Forum hall. There are many exhibits to check into and discover more new things during their exhibits. Luckily, entry is free so take advantage to venture into Barcelona’s creativity at the Caixa Forum exhibition hall.

A ride to Barcelona’s Moll de Éspanya del Port Vell site takes you to a world of diverse aquatic life. The Barcelona aquarium is one of the largest aquariums you can ever pass by on earth. Entry fee is 12 – 17.50 Euros. An underground tunnel in the site leads you to the innermost home of huge sharks that you can view around the transparent tunnel. It is a wild experience, especially for those who have never had this closest view of sharks and other sea animals. Experience the football side of Barcelona at the Museu FC Barcelona at Camp Nou. Here you will find the players’ facilities like their specialized football pitch and their pres room. Inside the museum grab the awesome sight of numerous trophies at a big trophy room, which is a memorable achievement history of the Barcelona Football Club.

Take an art trip to Spain’s exhibition village, Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. It is popular for staging the world exhibition in the year 1929. Various pieces of creativity to meet in this village are unbeatable Spanish architectural designs and craftwork. Entry fee is affordable at 8.50 Euros per adult while children can be less to walk around this artistic village. See the wildlife side of Barcelona in The Barcelona Zoo at Parc de la Ciutadella lane 4. There are hundreds of wild animal species to interact with at this huge, spacious zoo. Kids can find fun with domesticating animals at a farm within the zoo where gorgeous lambs are homed.

The Museu Picasso is another art collection that is a must to visit. It has a large collection of impressive artistic works by the renowned artist known as Picasso. The gallery’s environment is welcoming and it reflects the true flavor of a real artistic talent of Picasso.

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