Hurghada, Egypt

In the last twenty years, Hurghada has gone from one of the quietest fishing villages on the Red Sea to one of the most popular cities in Egypt. Its newfound wealth has mainly been down to the popularity of the place with tourists, who flock here from all corners of the globe, to experience tranquility, serenity and some of the best diving spots in the world.

Most of Hurghada’s tourism industry centers on the underwater kingdom. Even if you don’t want to explore the depths of the underwater world, there are certainly loads of things to see and do in Hurghada that will definitely keep you busy. There are many resorts and hotels situated throughout Hurghada and most offer a luxurious stay for your holidays such as the 5 star Grand Resort Hurghada which offers many activities and things to do all in the resort.

As with many tourist resorts in Egypt you can often find an all-inclusive deal at good value meaning that all your food, drink and entertainment is included in the overall price. With an all-inclusive deal though it can often be hard to pull yourself away from the confines of the resort to see more of the surrounding area, however, there are many interesting things to see and do in Hurghada.

The Red Sea Aquarium

The Red Sea Aquarium is the best tourist attraction on dry land. It gives you the chance to explore the majestic beauty and diversity of the world under the waves without getting a drop of water on you. As you go around the various tanks and take in the grace of the marine life, each of the tanks is clearly labeled in English, with a good amount of information relating to the various creatures which live on the reefs.

Sindbad Submarines

The Sindbad Submarines are two submarines that allow up to 44 people to journey beneath the waves and get up close with the various marine creatures which call the Red Sea home. The submarines are boarded at the Sindbad Beach Resort and then dives to a depth of 22 meters. Once you are under the water, a diver leaves the comfort of the submarine and swims alongside, enticing various species of fish to come closer for you to see without getting wet.

Snorkeling and Diving

Hurghada is famous all around the world for its top-quality diving opportunities so even if you have little or no diving experience, you will in the perfect place for it. Head to the southern end of the resort to reach some easily accessible coral but you will need to join a diving or snorkeling excursion tour to get there. Your hotel will easily be able to arrange this for you but do remember to take your passport when you arrive at the port.

Desert Excursions

Although diving and snorkeling may be the top reasons why millions of people journey to this beautiful country, Hurghada offers so much more once you have explored the briny world. The desert offers travelers a completely different world, a world of romance and mystery, a chance to explore the unknown. Without any difficulty, your hotel can arrange a trip into the desert via a 4×4 jeep. You will get to explore the various oasis and different parts of the desert, meeting the local Bedouin people and learning about their culture. The experience wouldn’t be complete without watching the sunset over the desert dunes whilst enjoying traditional Bedouin cuisine.

A holiday in Hurghada will allow your mind, body, and soul to relax completely, separating you from the stresses of work and life back home. Constantly growing each year, Hurghada is a fantastic place to explore no matter how old you are or where you are from.

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